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Desiboy Fitness is Changing Lives Through Dance Therapy and Proper Nutrition

Born and raised in Kenya, Shyam Thakker “Desiboy” has taken his love for fitness, nutrition and dance combining them into an entrepreneurial masterpiece. Desiboy first had his own dance crew back in Kenya. He moved to the United States motivated to pursue his education. His passion for fitness led to him earning a personal training certificate and becoming a group fitness instructor fairly quickly. He started his Journey at Life Time in Canton 19 years ago and is still killing the Zumba game and packing every class he teaches. Shyam’s combination of Zumba and Bollywood rhythms is gaining popularity as he continues to spread his love for teaching Dance Fitness to the world.  His business “Desiboy Fitness” was born 3 years ago when the Covid-19 pandemic started. A noble venture to embark on during dark times, providing an outlet for people when they needed it most. Desiboy’s resolve and grit has been on full display his whole life. Indian by blood yet born in Kenya, then courageously moving to the United States with no previous friends in the country is bold. 

Currently based out of Detroit, Michigan. Desiboy is a Zumba instructor whose enthusiasm for fitness and nutrition led to him also developing a supplement line. He is currently developing additional product lines in the form of supplements and has big plans for 2022 and beyond. Desiboy lives by the motto “Work hard in silence, let success make the noise.” For people who use his supplements, they can enjoy the taste, the impactful results, and the affordable pricing. Most importantly, the minimal ingredients that keep his products simple, and healthy. Creating a supplement line that is FDA approved and a business that combines your life long passions is quite the accomplishment. Desiboy continues to experience success and scale both divisions of his business, we can expect new supplements and product lines to be released in the coming months. 

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