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Bellingham Duo Jordan Moss & Conor O’Keefe Make Magic In New Short Film

Jordan Moss a.k.a “the Rhetorician” and filmmaker Conor O’Keefe have come together to create an original venture that is unlike any other. A trilogy fantasy series about a descendant of a character named Zack Taylor who is inspired by the “Black Power Ranger”.  The context and setting takes place in a real life situation where the main character “the Rhetorician” goes to sleep and has a unique subconscious experience. “The Descendant of Zack Taylor” origin story and Episode 1 plot is this. The Ranger gets caught up, and finds out he has a baby on the way with his ex-girlfriend. He then writes a letter to his mom, promptly falls asleep and in his dream goes out into the forest to find himself. The underlying message of the short film is about dealing with insecurities, limiting beliefs and the deceptive nature of the human ego. 

The story is inspired by true events and an impressively creative way to express the obstacles of becoming a father at such a young age. The inner turmoil that experiencing such a big event  as a young man creates. The aftermath of emotional processing and thoughts that come with the life changing news are woven seamlessly into episode 1 in a tasteful way. Director Conor O’Keefe talents and technical background are apparent throughout the production. Incorporating the subconscious storyline alongside Jordan’s original music as he raps the lyrics is a huge challenge. Conor conquers this and delivers a number of shots and transitions that bring emotion to the viewer. Having graduated with a BA in video production, film studies and cultural audience his education was certainly worth the price of tuition

Stay tuned for Episode 3. Coming soon with your help!

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