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PeacefulPinder is Doing Numbers Across the Board

In 2019 PeacefulPinder released his track “M.A.G.A” with independent powerhouse artist Dax, today the track has over 190,000 streams. His solo release “Fell in Luv” has also eclipsed the same benchmark. Tracks “Snakes”, “Vision”, and “Lil Freak” have another combined 190,000+ streams. The Seattle rapper has 34,000 instagram followers. On top of his impressive numbers, the rapper brings impressive musical ability. In his recent single release ‘Self Care’ the rapper presents his authentic and vulnerable message through the track. The single was recorded at the renowned Seattle studio Ruby Room, the mix perfectly integrates  the vocals asn another instrument on the track. With heartfelt lyrics and groovy melodies, the recent release is just one of many examples that PeacefulPinder’s numbers aren’t what’s impressive about him, his music is.

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