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BABYG Is Florida’s Newest Rap Superstar

BABYG has all the makings of a rap superstar. His voice is unique, his words are powerful, and his style is one of one. The South Florida native has been working on this dream for over five  years now, and is starting to see the fruits of his labor through his fan base. 

Songs such as “NVR DIE” from “Are You Afraid of the Dark”, showcase BABYG’s ability to connect to his audience through his own truths. One of his biggest strengths is the transparency he displays in his music. He’s stated that rappers were his superheroes as a kid, and he carries that same energy in the way that he seeks to inspire his listeners. Other notable releases are his latest single “sugar baby” and his 2021 album“fragile (side a)”.

Give BABYG a listen on Apple Music below and get prepared for new music from the Florida phenomenon. 

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