With Antojai Alchemy, Thousands of People Can Receive Energetic Healing To Overcome a Variety of Disorders

Maybe you have heard the saying “healthy mind, healthy body.” That is true because it is scientifically proven that worry and stress can cause deficiencies in the immune system, which ultimately translates into problems related to health in general. 

The field of medicine always has to stay up to date in all aspects. One area that continues to evolve is that of energy healing. Axel Carrasquillo, also known as “Antojai”, is a world-renowned energy healer.

Since the age of 6, Axel has trained with spiritual and psychic masters from all over the world. He realized that traditional Reiki medicine, which is a form of energetic healing, lacked essential components for today’s lifestyle and influences. 

When some improvements were implemented, it led to the creation of what is now known as Quantum Reiki, which has become the most powerful Reiki in the world and has helped people recover lost memories, recover from PTSD, change a number of autoimmune disorders, activate a higher sense of self, and open to a deeper connection with the universe.

Axel is also the creator of an even more powerful version of energy medicine called Antojai Alchemy with which people are able to access a deeper level of consciousness that enables them to communicate with the subconscious, soul, and spirit.

“We train healers and those looking to help themselves access deep states of healing that they can carry for the rest of their lives.” Axel shares.

With this new and more powerful energetic medicine, he has treated people with HIV, fibromyalgia, Parkinson’s, psychosis, putting the power of self-transformation in the hands of the people.

Axel’s business is all about energetic lifestyle, subconscious reprogramming, spiritual healing, the law of attraction coaching, and psychic development. He has always been a lover of shamanism, energy work, and psychic spiritual awakening.

Seeing that people with different health problems were persistently searching for a solution that often took them from one side to the other, Axel sought for a path to help these people which led him to a career of researching western, eastern, and spiritual medicines, 

“After I had my own experience of the dark night of the soul in which I was bedridden with severe PTSD, I felt I had to share all that I was channeling and developing. It started as awe at the way I was transforming and having to validate my sanity. Then it magically became my soul’s purpose.” Axel explains.

Many of Axel’s competitors do not have the training he has. They only give opinions but do not advance the work he does. On the contrary, Axel constantly channels and creates new modalities in energy medicine.

“Everything we produce at Antojai is unique to Antojai. So it cannot be duplicated in its full authenticity in any way, because it is proprietary. We have a large space of quantum technologies that we use to deepen the impact of our research. We’ve been doing this work for over 11 years globally, so it’s awesome to know and see that Antojai is so strongly trusted and recognized for its incredible transformative properties.” Axel states.

When it comes to projects for the coming year, Axel will focus on bringing Quantum Reiki to as many people as possible through retreats, workshops, courses, and group healings worldwide.

“My main passion at the moment is working with people who have autoimmune disorders. Mainly with HIV and fibromyalgia, while also training modern-day shamans and psychics to better help people from all walks of life.” Axel adds.

Learn more about Axel and Antojai Alchemy here and his TikTok here.

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