Sanabria & Associates Is Launching The Lucky 7 Pathway To Citizenship Initiative (FREE Legal Services): Find Out What The Leading DMV Regional Law Firm Has To Offer Those Wanting To Become U.S. Citizens

There are approximately 11 million immigrants in the U.S. with a difficult path to citizenship or lack thereof. Immigration policy is often a subject that divides many in politics. The Trump Administration, for example, made it harder for immigrants to become citizens.  

But the incoming Biden Administration gives many people hope. 

“Generations of immigrants have come to this country with little more than the clothes on their backs, the hope in their heart, and a desire to claim their own piece of the American Dream,” reads the President-elect Biden immigration plan.

“Immigration is essential to who we are as a nation, our core values, and our aspirations for our future. Under a Biden Administration, we will never turn our backs on who we are or that which makes us uniquely and proudly American,” the plan continues to read.  

Taking this into account, Sanabria & Associates, the leading DC-Maryland-Virginia regional law firm specializing in immigration law, is launching an initiative entitled “Holiday Lucky 7.” 

The law firm expects this to be the first installment of their Pathway to Citizenship Initiative. Inspired by the incoming presidential administration, Sanabria & Associates is preparing to offer seven people pro bono legal assistance to help them become citizens. 

Sanabria & Associates is asking people to email them a brief description (less than 250 words) explaining their current status, their family situation, and why they would like the law firm to handle their application for citizenship for free. It is important to note that Sanabria & Associates is offering free legal assistance, but the selected immigrants would still have to pay all required government application filing fees. 

“With Holiday Lucky 7, seven people will win free legal services!” The law firm states. “Anyone who emails us at: has a chance to win (this DOES NOT include the official government filing fees).” 

Indeed, anyone who needs immigration legal services is encouraged to participate in the Sanabria & Associates Pathway to Citizenship Holiday Lucky 7 initiative by sending an email to today. 

Sanabria & Associates also works in Florida, and has customer service available 24/7 for English, Portuguese and Spanish speakers. With a team of 12 attorneys, this law firm covers many legal services besides immigration, including personal injury, criminal defense and family law. But given the change in administration, they came up with the Holiday Lucky 7 initiative to support many immigrants in their process to become U.S. citizens. 

“Seven lucky clients will be chosen to have their cases handled Pro Bono (free, no cost of the legal fees to the client),” stated Sanabria & Associates CEO Gunther Sanabria.  

“As the incoming Biden administration establishes its priorities on immigration policy our law firm will lead the region to assist many hard-working women, men and their families on their pathway to citizenship. The pandemic has impacted a significantly large and disproportionate group of brown and black members of our community. Sanabria & Associates is well known as a proactive advocate for the rights of our community members. We give back. We want our clients to save money for their families and save money for the holidays.” 

Find out more about Sanabria & Associates and the Holiday Lucky 7 initiative here.

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