A Young Teenager In The Suburb Of The Outskirts Of Paris Becomes An Award Winning Influencer At The World Economic Forum In Davos: Xolali Zigah, Founder Of Cash Angel Empowers People To Increase Their Revenues With Alternative And Serene Investments

Xolali Zigah grew up in a suburb with his brothers in the outskirts of Paris. Since he was young, he wanted to be a pianist and a composer, but he did not have enough money to afford music lessons, and so he decided to change that. Today he is known as the founder and chairman of Cash Angel.

As a child, Xolali always followed the instructions of his parents, who instilled in him the values of discipline and love for education. Determined to make his dream come true, Xolali went to study in Paris and London. 

“I got two master’s degrees in finance and studied new digital currency and blockchain technology. And along the way, I realized that I was passionate about economics and the function of money, and that when money is well managed, it can change lives forever and make dreams come true.” Xolali shares.

After studying Bitcoin and making his first investment in 2014, he built an online course about cryptocurrencies and trading and founded Cash Angel, a visionary investment company, where Xolali and others work with people with dreams that are beyond just earning more money.

“In a few years, I’ve trained more than a thousand investors to increase their revenues with digital asset investments, and provided personal coaching for my best clients with a really high level of commitment.” Xolali adds. “I also know that the harder you work on yourself and not on your business, the bigger your results will be.”

With that unique principle in mind, Xolali has been able to grow from $80,000 in revenue to $29,000,000 in the past 30 months. Moreover, he has been able to help numerous people through Cash Angel.

Cash Angel teaches investors how to leverage the volatility of cryptocurrency and leverage their resources in three targeted areas: education- to help people globally understand how money works and how they can generate profits in order to have more time to focus on what is essential to them; environment- to help clean the most polluted cities and to raise awareness about our individual responsibility; health- to help find a cure through research for chronic diseases.” Xolali explains.

In the past few years, Xolali has been able to share his lessons learned and advice at multiple international conferences, including at the World Economic Forum in Davos in 2020, where he was given an award for best influencer. 

Back in 2018, a short film retracing the history of Xolali was produced, called the “Crypto School Movie.” He was also invited to the 9th Global Ritossa Family Office Summit, where he had the opportunity to give a speech. Even though there have been multiple successes, Xolali has overcome multiple obstacles too.

“The biggest challenge I faced since I started my business was the moment I learned that I had multiple sclerosis and couldn’t work anymore.” Xolali says. “During my studies I’ve watched others and knew that most people who are really successful have been through difficult times in life. I had to see this diagnosis not as a failure but as a lesson to help me become stronger. I focused on recovery and developed a strong mindset, meditation, visualization and healthy nutrition. I got the attitude and determination that yielded results and allowed me to develop my business at the same time. I would say that the biggest challenge is definitely the mindset. To create a business, entrepreneurs need to have a strong mindset.”

This strong mindset is what Xolali keeps feeding on every day and what has allowed him to become a member of the Forbes Finance council, as well as be able to write articles to share his vision on business and investment.

“Starting a business is an excellent and hard decision. But you have to remind yourself that most people who are really successful have been through a difficult time in life and in their work. Starting a business requires perseverance and dedication in the face of adversity. Despite the definition of a good business model: to start a business, people need to know their focus and financial goals with defined dates.” Xolali advises. “A high level of commitment, a strong mindset and the knowledge of your skills and abilities are mandatory to develop your business.”

For Xolali, success is a story and a result of hard work, perseverance and dedication. Every success has a different story. Xolali’s success story is that he is passionate about blockchain and cryptocurrency and could never stop learning or sharing information about this revolutionary investment. 

In the near future, Xolali is focusing on life-time programs with monthly returns for clients of over one million investment capacity. Xolali’s purpose is to help people “secure their wealth and live with trust for the future.”

“During the COVID-19 period between March and June, I closed the best deals of my whole career ($8,914,928 to be precise) because I decided to focus on what our ideal client really needs: protection and peace of mind during times of uncertainty.” Xolali shares. “Now I intend to create a mastermind group for HNWI in order for them to better understand how to accumulate wealth, secure it and transmit to the generation that follows.”

Find out more about Xolali, the Founder and Chairman of Cash Angel here.

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