Ozellar Wayne Is The Credit Queen, An Entrepreneur Who Is Leveraging Financial Literacy To Break Generational Curses Through Her Services

Ozellar Wayne is an entrepreneur from Cahokia, Illinois, who has always dreamed of greatness. Her ultimate goal in life has always been to be remembered as a legend, and not as a number. 

“I always dreamed of doing something big. I thought I had my life planned out to go to college and become a doctor. Life took a turn for me. I had to step up and help out more at home. I took a break from school. I was raised by a single mother.” Ozellar shares. “I’m so thankful for my mother and grandmother. They made me and my sisters the women we are today.”

Years later, Ozellar is a 9 to 5 employee for the government. Soon after she took a chance on herself to start her own home-based business. Ozellar started a financial literacy business to help people improve their credit scores and finances. 

“Investing into myself was the best thing I did. Now I’m helping so many people across the country improve their credit scores and produce an income working from home.” Ozellar says.

Today, Ozellar is known as the Credit Queen who leverages financial literacy to break generational curses. She currently runs a financial literacy business that helps people increase their credit and start their own home businesses. 

“I was motivated to start this business by my poor credit score and my passion for helping others. I struggled with my credit for so long that I now have the resources and tools to help others. If you’re going to live in America you need credit for big purchases.” The Credit Queen explains.

Now with years of experience, Ozellar knows what is necessary in order to start a business. For example, she emphasizes that it is important to have a positive mindset and be consistent.

Stay focused, it doesn’t have to be perfect right away. The secret to getting ahead is to start. Make sure you get some responsible mentors and partners. Stay close to positive people.” Ozellar advises.

The Credit Queen understands that once a person is in their comfort zone, it is very difficult to even think about leaving it. But the truth is that sometimes challenging our comfort can bring about benefits.

Fear is a temporary emotion that you have to do things you fear to get to the other side of the door. Getting out of your comfort zone can lead to personal growth.” Ozellar says.

One of the biggest challenges Ozellar has overcome was precisely being able to get out of her comfort zone. Although she is known now as the Credit Queen, being outspoken did not always come naturally for her.

My biggest fear I have overcome so far in my career is getting out of my comfort zone by talking to a lot of people. Being a private person to become a public figure.” Ozellar says.

Today, as Ozellar continues to provide financial literacy training to numerous people, in order to increase their chances of making their dreams come true and improving their lives, one of her biggest assets is still her devotion to helping others.

“I differentiate myself from my competition by showing value to people. I educate and give out free credit tips people can feel and tell your energy if you are genuine.” The Credit Queen shares. 

With the services Ozellar provides, people can achieve financial freedom. For her, financial freedom means living life in your own terms, without debt, and also with an investment portfolio.

The Credit Queen’s next projects include investing in real estate and the trucking industry. She will also continue to provide free financial tips through her social media, and continue providing effective financial literacy services.

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