Combating Postpartum Depression For Herself And For Others, Fabiana Ferrarini Started Her Fitness Programs To Give Women An Opportunity To Find Happiness Through Motion

Postpartum depression is not something that is often talked about amongst families. Despite this, women suffer from this ailment as a result of their recent pregnancy in large numbers. The infrequency to which it is talked about makes it even more difficult to diagnose and treat. This was part of what Fabiana Ferrarini struggled with after having her second kid.

“After having my second child, postpartum depression was something I was not aware of. It was something that was never spoken about in my family amongst women. I had no idea what I was dealing with. I was unhappy, lost and confused.” Fabiana shares.

In her family, she had always been taught that being a mother and having kids was the most important aspect of her life as a woman. She saw the women in her family give up what they had in order to take care of their kids full time. While being a mother is incredibly important to Fabiana, she did not want to make it her entire purpose in life.

As a young girl, I noticed how the women in my family let themselves go once they had children. They stop being the women they were and instead made their children their top priority. Being a mom is truly a blessing, but I still wanted to be me! I wanted to look and feel good, and most importantly I wanted to accomplish my goals.” states Fabiana.

Fabiana found her inspiration in fitness while suffering and trying to find a solution to her postpartum depression. Her friend took her to a fitness class, and her life was changed forever. From there, she founded her business, which focuses on providing fitness and training to women for the most part, but anyone can join in the work outs!

“After tons of soul searching, late night cries, tons of prayers, a good friend of mine at the time invited me to a fitness class she had purchased on groupon. The class was 30 minutes and it CHANGED MY LIFE. That moment, I realized that motion changes emotion !! That moment I realized that it was okay for me to fill my own cup to then be able to pour into my children and my family. From that day forward I fell in love with fitness. In the midst of my soul searching, I landed the cover of Oxygen Magazine as the first latina to grace the cover. I also launched Queen Warrior, a community of thousands of women that celebrate, encourage and uplift each other while working out and finding their inner Queen Warrior.” Fabiana says.

Fabiana has had an incredibly successful business career. She has even learned to adapt to the current pandemic to continue making profits for her business and keep herself on track. She has harnessed the power of the internet to keep herself afloat and help others in the process to achieve and maintain their fitness goals.

“Fitness has always been my escape and a way to release stress. After having Gianna, 5 months later we were forced to stay home due to Covid-19. I was afraid I would soon deal with postpartum depression as this is something I dealt with in my previous pregnancies. I also wanted to continue losing weight but because the gyms were closing I didn’t know how to stay motivated. I host live workouts, which are held on my private instagram account at 7:30pm est. They are also saved for women to access any time during the week to replay.” remarks Fabiana.

Fabiana is continuing to grow strong and move ahead with her fitness business. In the coming year, she hopes to launch her own supplements line to help give people the total fitness experience by both working out and eating right. In addition, she has something special planned for her Queen Warriors.

I want to launch my own line of supplements! I will also be launching Queen Warriors First retreat!!!” Fabiana exclaims.

To find out more about Fabiana, you can follow her on Instagram @fabiana_ferrarini. You can also check out her two website at

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