A Mentor With Proven Results And Facts, David Shands Is Offering A Mentorship Program To Entrepreneurs Who Are Trying To Get Their Business Off The Ground

In the world of entrepreneurship, there are very few guidelines and mentors to instruct up and coming businesspeople on how to be successful entrepreneurs. David Shands is here to fill that gap and provide mentorship to all those who need it with his daily morning meet ups program.

I have a morning meetup coaching program. M-F 8:15am – 9am est which entrepreneurs from all across the country. We have hundreds of people enrolled. TheMorningMeetUp.com is the ONLY daily coaching program that is owned and operated by a successful entrepreneur,” David explains.

David was motivated to start this morning meet up mentoring program because he found that many people were falling for the traps set up by so-called  gurus who thought they had the key to success in business with little to no experience in entrepreneurship themselves. He wanted to ensure that people were getting good advice that they could follow to be successful.

What motivated me to get started was all of the coaches and guru’s who sell video modules and don’t really touch the clients that they work with. The goal has always been to build the largest African American Empowerment community that provides daily accountability and a live connection. I don’t want to be the captain of the ship, I want to be a member of the community I built,” David states.

David is an entrepreneur himself with proven success and results. He started his own business, Sleepis4Suckers, which instantly became a hit. He was getting so much excitement and profit from his business that he had to quit his job at the time at the Cheesecake Factory.

“I started working at the Cheesecake Factory after being fired from The Olive Garden for stealing Cheesecake ironically. 3 ½ years into my 6 year career at the CCF I started a clothing brand called Sleepis4Suckers. 2 ½ years later I made enough money to quit my job and replace my income. I am the everyday average guy that has gotten extraordinary results, which is why I focus on teaching people how to make a little bit of extra money. I don’t teach How to make 100k, not how to get rich, but how to START. How to get something going to supplement your income, which eventually grows to more,” David recounts.

David does not have a lot of competition to worry about because there are very few other mentors out there who offer real advice from real experience like David does. His lessons are derived directly from his experience as an entrepreneur trying to make it in the business world.

“I don’t have any competition because no other coach is willing to be as accessible as I am. Noone is going to wake up everyday and service the community with LIVE interaction. There’s no blueprint to follow and nothing to compare our business to. I am a freedom fighter for all the beginning and new entrepreneurs. I’m not sure I can be as effective at helping someone make an extra million dollars or taking your income to $50,000/month, but without a doubt our community can help you start the process. We can help anyone with their belief system, we can help them find a direction to move in. We can help you with accountability and keeping you inspired enough to get through the tough times of entrepreneurship,” David says.

David’s next major projects include building his company to an even larger, more international platform to ensure that he can reach and help as many other entrepreneurs as possible. His goal is to provide advice and guidance so that people can have support all throughout their business experience.

“Our next projects are building our community to an international platform. I do a major event for entrepreneurs every year called, Real Social Proof, my goal would be to do conferences strictly for my Morning Meet Up community only and not have to promote, run ads or sell tickets to anyone outside of the community,” David comments.

To find out more about David, you can follow him on instagram here. You can also check out his website here.

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