Overcoming Obstacles To Success: How Zaback CEO Austin Zaback Does It

Austin Zaback always had a knack for business. From the young age of 7, he was helping his grandfather in the pool cleaning and maintenance business. A humble profession, Austin was able to learn the ins and outs, while earning money at a young age. By 15, he was starting his career in the corporate world – working different jobs between restaurants, construction and everything in between. After many different opportunities, Austin ended up in the MLM industry, which is where he saw the most personal success. 

“I was about 16-18 years old around this time, traveling many places, and going back stage with several top speakers and influencers in the motivational self help industry.  From there, I went back to work at my final corporate job where I made great money, but worked 7 days a week all the time – I hated it,” Austin says. 

It was this that motivated him to dive into the real estate industry at age 18. 

“From there, it took me 9 months to close a deal. After that, the rest was history,” Austin recalls. 

Austin currently runs two real estate companies. Luckily, he was able to have amazing mentors in his life over the last seven years. These mentors were able to teach him, firsthand, the ins and outs of the industry. One of Austin’s companies is a real estate investment company that specializes in finding distressed properties, fixing them up, and reselling them for retail price. 

“In doing so, we are adding value to surrounding properties in different communities and creating jobs for our contractors. We also choose to keep the properties from time to time to add to our rental portfolio as we build our income producing assets,” Austin explains. 

Austin’s other company is the Zaback Group, a traditional real estate company based out of Arizona. Currently, they have over 10 agents who specialize in helping buyers and sellers in their real estate needs. 

“We truly try to cover the entire spectrum so we can help any buyer or any seller in virtually any situation. Whether that be making them a cash offer or getting them top price for their house on the open market, we’ll be there for them,” Austin says. 

In addition, Austin runs Alegacy ATM’s, a portfolio of over 100 ATMs throughout the nation. Austin’s company manages the processing for other ATM owners, wholesaling ATM contracts to other speculative ATM owners trying to get into the business. He also does marking in terms of toppers to provide marketing to local business owners. 

Lastly, Austin and his business partner, Austin Lewis, run multiple programs where they teach clients how to get started in the different businesses they’ve mastered, including a podcast called A&A. This podcast features interviews with interesting people from all around the world, talking about subjects including, but not limited to, life, business, and money. In addition, Austin stays on top of their personal Instagram and Youtube accounts, which are a fulltime job on their own. 

Although he’s surrounded by success now, Austin does not forget the different challenges he’s overcome to get where he is today. 

“There have been so many challenges over the years; it’s insane! I would say finding good people has been incredibly difficult. From hiring the right employees to do the right job, all the way to having the right group of friends and even business partners – it’s all part of it,” Austin explains. 

Beyond surrounding yourself with the right people, Austin has also mastered knowing when it’s the right time to scale, and managing without having sufficient funds when you need them. 

Check out Austin on YouTube and his Instagram page. 

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