The King Of Ecommerce Zishan Manji Shares How He Built A Million Dollar Empire At Just Twenty-One Years Old

Since he was thirteen years old, Zishan Manji knew he wanted to be successful, stress free, and happy. Now he has built multiple six-seven figure e-commerce stores, bought his dream car, and retired his father from his job. At age twenty-one he is now a millionaire and is just getting started.

Zishan Manji is an eCommerce guru who is trying to help change thousands of people’s lives. He teaches anyone from teenagers still in highschool to people who are in their 40s and have two jobs with families on how to start their business with almost no experience. 

Today, the eCommerce guru has over 80+ testimonials of people whose life he has changed. Some of them are even students who have dropped out of college and quit their jobs and now are able to support their families and future.

Zishan Manji grew up in his hometown Orlando surrounded by rich businessmen.

“I would say a majority of people there are millionaires and 75% of those that were rich came from daddy’s money. Surrounded by this wealth and no business to take over I knew just had to find something,” Zishan Manji shares. 

At the age of thirteen, Zishan Manji started to sell wallets on amazon, getting them from eBay for 1/2 of the price, then flipping it on amazon for double. After this he moved on to Ebay and started selling vapes. By the time he was fourteen, he had already made six figures in revenue. He knew from the start that school wasn’t for him. 

“The garbage they taught you in school will never make you money, it will lead you into the rat race along with 90% of the earth. I was tired of that status quo,” he says. 

He knew if he put his head down and grinded every day with hard work, the rewards would follow. He’s twenty-one now, driving a 170k car, retired his dad, and has multiple e-commerce brands. His greatest advice for people who are tired of where they are in life right now is to find their destiny. To find what makes them different, and what talents and skills make them stand out from everyone else.  

His mentality in life is that life is one big sprint until you get rich. His mindset is all about how quickly and efficiently can he get to his goal before he makes another. 

“As an entrepreneur you need to jump from trend to topic and change business frequently until you find the one that you can master,” he says.

Zishan Manji has made himself a name in the industry by believing in his personal brand. He is able to connect with his community and gain a mass of loyal followers. He is giving people real value instead of scamming for a quick buck like others do in the industry. 

He gives out free information, pre built stores, and weeks of mentorship. The people know him as the REAL E-com Guru. He is currently starting his Youtube channel now and will be growing that as well. His goal is to really educate people to fully understand that trying to become an entrepreneur can definitely pay off, but also teaching people about the obstacles and hardships they will go through. He made his dream come true, and worked hard for the life he wanted, and he wants others to know that they can do it too.

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