How Jxhn Jacxb Became A Rising Hip Hop Artist

Jxhn Jacxb has already had something special inside of him. He just ever knew what it was. At the age of 12, he found out exactly what he was meant to do. After being inspired by his cousins, Jxhn Jacxb started making lyrics about different events that inspired him. While he was just 12 years old, he began a journey he never expected to take.

Jxhn Jacxb took his craft even more seriously when we got into high school. He decided to form a group of aspiring artists willing to work on their skills and improve their craft. He formed “The Bird Boys,” a collection of artists who would battle each other to practice their rap skills. It was just another stepping stone for the young artist.

At the age of 15, Jxhn Jacxb produced and recorded an album called “My Korrupt Thoughts” which paid tribute to Three 6 Mafia. The album was his first real piece of work released to the public. After earning his high school diploma years later, Jxhn began booking shows around Atlanta and became a fixture of open mic night at Club Crucial at an instant. He got his boost in confidence after receiving a revered response from the audience for his signature song, “Throw That A$$ Back.”

Jxhn Jacxb has big plans for the upcoming year. With new releases sitting in his vault, he plans to show the world what he is made of.

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