How Tony Perez Is Building His Own Empire Without A High School Diploma

Coming from a humble background, Tony never thought he would be as successful as he is today. Without a high school diploma or a business background, he didn’t follow a traditional path, which is what makes his story special. Tony was a struggling entrepreneur who tried anything and everything to reach success, but he was stuck. However, by paying attention to what other successful entrepreneurs were doing and finding a mentor, he was able to develop the skills necessary to become as successful as those he looked up to. 

“I met some very successful people in this industry and I knew that while I didn’t know the “how to” on being successful, I knew that if I followed what they were doing my odds were a little better.”

Once he got into the Network Marketing Industry, Tony was able to earn over 1M, but this didn’t come easily. Tony recognizes the effort that goes into starting a business, but his hunger for more always kept him going. Tony was able to build his first owned million dollar company, Accident Experts. From there, he opened up a barbershop while also working with a credit company, hitting the 100,000 club within his first year. Now, Tony runs not only a personal injury company, but also a credit repair company within the network marketing industry, as well as a barbershop. Most importantly, Tony owns his life and his time. 

“The reality is your past doesn’t have to define you and we are in control of our own limits. Realizing just that, I was able to overcome that limited belief and dominate the space I stepped in.”

Because his success didn’t come easy, Tony is the perfect example of disrupting the status quo. With a clear picture of what he wanted, he knew how to search for the right mentors, keep learning, take advice, and never stray from his goal. Through all the struggles he faced, he knew that mistakes and failure were just a part of the journey, not the end of it. 

“You have to be able to keep going through the rough times and remind yourself what you’re doing it for. It’s easy to take a couple failures and decide to quit. Self motivation to keep going is what separates the winners and the losers.”

Tony plans to continue to build his empire by opening other businesses such as a mechanic shop and custom automotive shop. Through his story, Tony shows us that we write our own story and being a successful entrepreneur is about your background, but instead about your mindset and what you believe you can accomplish. 

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