David Johnson, Jr. AKA Iamdjjohnson, Has Set the Foundation For a Successful Career

David Johnson, Jr. AKA Iamdjjohnson has been setting an example of what the right path to success looks like. The star basketball player from San Antonio, Texas, is only 22 years old and is already achieving what many dream of. 

Starting when in 1st grade, Johnson has been working non-stop on his athletic career. DJ Johnson has shown to be a different breed as he puts in the extra effort that others seem to skip. For example, the young athlete finishes his workout regimens, and then continues on the office end, networking for new opportunities. This is a rare feature in a basketball player, which has given Johnson the extra edge over his competitors.

Recently due to Johnson’s hard work on and off the court, he has just committed to an Australian basketball association who noticed the athlete’s talents. Laying the foundation since grade school, DJ Johnson is ready for this opportunity. With many years left in his career, this overseas move is just the beginning for the young star. 

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