Two Cousins Started A Different Kind Of Barbershop. Find Out More Below

More than just a barber shop, two cousins Milford Bangura “Milly”  and ZoKlon Wleh “Zoe” created a special kind of barbershop. They want, above all, to make others feel good about themselves and their haircut. They use creative measures to make sure that this experience is more than just a normal trip to the barbershop. 

Milly’s Cutz is more than just a Barbershop, it’s a male grooming lounge. We wanted to create a place where men could get groomed, Chat sports, Tv and current events with guys like themselves. We also wanted to create an experience, so we offer Multiple ways to pay rather than using the ATM using a car reader or electron payment through the barbers. I also own a Haircare line, called “T4 Hair Care ” that I’m lunching in Mid November. In Which You can buy it at the barbershop or online. Creativity thinking outside the box, we enjoy doing things that make people feel good. We like making sure they’re experiencing things I know we’ve never experienced before like providing 35 selections of snacks and beverages, Unique artwork and Plush seating. We’re Africans but from Up North Philly & New York, life moves fast up North, fashion is always a big deal, music is culture and Art is very essential. We needed to incorporate all of that Philly swag and African culture within this barbershop.” Zoe and Milly explain.

The two cousins love investing and wanted to try something different. They were excited to begin the new project because to them barbers are the ones who help people look & feel good  at the end of the day. They ensure that people feel good about themselves inside and out, everytime they look in the mirror.

“Who doesn’t love money, and I just love Investing in new projects more. The only other thing I love more than that is family. When you find a barber/barbershop they ecomes like family. I’ve always wanted to open a Barbershop, but doing so at the correct timing was imperative. What better time to focus on a new project than during the pandemic. I had nothing but time and said it would be the perfect time to invest in something beneficial for after the epidemic was over. Everyone needs a haircut! Milly shared a similar testament. Together we came up with Milly’s Cutz.” Zoe comments.

For the two cousins, the biggest challenge was finding the right team to help them get off the ground. When you are surrounded by the right team, it can help you get off the ground. The wrong team, on the other hand, can hurt your business a lot, so this was a difficult field that the cousins had to traverse.

“The biggest challenge in starting a new business is always finding the right employees and the correct business structure to ensure you succeed. You always hear stories about how unprepared enterprises fail within the first two years. That’s not what we want to happen with Milly’s Cut’z. We wanted to ensure we had the proper people and structures set in place to succeed.” the cousins state.

For Milly and Zoe, having the right mindset was crucial to their success as well. They needed to get into the entrepreneurial mentality in order to be able to succeed. They get this piece of advice from other businesses that they have worked in where mindset was crucial to their success.

“Mindset is critical because if you’re not in the right space of mind or in the right place just in general, you’ll lose yourself. I’ve been flipping houses since I was 28 years old, and when I first started, my mindset was in the right place. That proper mindset is what made me successful, but there are times when my mindset was off, and it only made me have to come back harder. So I’ve learned a clear and proper mindset is crucial. It can determine your success. Do what you say you’re going to do and what you can do, remain positive. Find something you love doing and work at perfecting it. Once you’ve skilled yourself in it, figure out how you can structure it to make you money. Ideas are easy to come about, but perfecting those ideas is where the money is at.” Zoe and Milly advise.

To find out more about Milly and Zoe’s barbershop, follow them on instagram here.

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