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Taking the Hip-Hop Industry to a New Level: MobBeatz

Among many aspiring music talents, few have the talent to truly stick out. In the world of hip-hop, rapper and producer MobBeatz is one of those few. Coming up faster than most artists in the game, MobBeatz has dropped widely acclaimed singles like, “Heaven Sent”, “Own Town”, “Stressed” and “S.O.S.”.

Since his first releases, MobBeatz has amassed a very loyal cult following which has only grown stronger with each new project. The 20-year-old independent artist is putting in work to prove that he has what it takes to last in the game. We asked him a couple of questions about his plans for the future and he stated that 2020-2021 is filled with tons of new projects.  “I’m not as vocal about my plans as most rappers but I have big moves coming up for 2020-2021. I got some major features lined up which I want to drop back to back. I got tracks with Nessly, Future, and some bigger artists that I can’t name yet. I’m still putting work in and I won’t stop until I reach where I want to be.” You can check out MobBeatz’s music and social media below.

MobBeatz on Spotify

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