The Botox Lady Opened Her Medical Spa And Aesthetics After A Set Of Unfortunate Events: Today, Her Beauty Business Grows Even During The COVID-19 Pandemic

Jessica E. Lauren is a woman who is passionate about aesthetic medicine and the beauty industry. But she did not get to own The Botox Lady Medical Spa and Aesthetics and become The Botox Lady until after a set of unfortunate events occurred in her life.

I honestly didn’t set out to start my own business in the infancy of my career. My first two employers in the industry never intended to pay me on a regular basis.  My next (very short) period of employment ended after being sexually assaulted by my superior after working a shift. This was the last straw.” Jessica shares.

All of this motivated Jessica to consider starting her own business. She was a 36 year old woman with a college education, a professional master’s degree in medicine, and years of corporate experience, but seemed to be unable to find an ethical job in her field.

After being terribly disrespected as a woman and as a human being, I had no choice. If I was going to ‘make it’ in my career it would have to be my own.” Jessica says.

Today, Jessica, aka The Botox Lady, runs a business that bears her own name “The Botox Lady Medical & Aesthetic Spa, where she offers her customers a variety of services from injectables to skin care to plastic surgery.

“At The Botox Lady Medical & Aesthetic Spa we cover all your anti-aging and enhancement needs. It’s your one stop shop for feeling better.” The Botox Lady states.

At the beginning, the idea to start her own business came up in a conversation she was having with her husband who is a retired funeral director and coroner. Soon after, The Botox Lady was born, with a $3,000 debt. 

“I was blessed with beautiful and graceful ‘piano fingers’ but I did not have the patience of Chopin; but I found another use that has served me well. I have had an astute aesthetic eye for as long as I can remember. I loved how makeup could transform a face, and I loved seeing my friends radiant after ‘making up’ for a school dance or just for fun. I stood out in the small details of the faces and the expressions of the sculptures.”  The Botox Lady explains.

When The Botox Lady was starting, there were the normal fears: fear of the present, of failure, of loss of money and of personal disappointment. But The Botox Lady made sure that these fears fed her passion, instead of slowing her down.

I could have easily given up, but I didn’t.  Nothing worked in my favor. Until I made it work. I didn’t listen to the ‘you’re a rookie’ crowd. I refused to let the fear win.  Of course I feared failure, financial loss and personal disappointment as much as anyone else when starting a new business. But I used that fear to feed my passion for my work and establish a successful, bulletproof business.” She says.

Moreover, The Botox Lady believes that having a positive mindset is invaluable when starting a business. She thinks that giving into fear would only lead to being consumed, while thinking that every little step is a success will lead to achieving the desired goals.

“If you’ve asked yourself if you can do it, you are ready to do it.” The Botox Lady advises. “Make sure you are starting off with respect to the three Ps: passion, purpose, principles.  It is this that leads to the fourth (most sought after) P: prosperity. Your prosperity highly correlates to the passion, purpose and principles applied in all that you do in building your business. Before embarking on this journey, one must analyze their mindset as that is what will secure the longevity of your business.”

Following this piece of advice, The Botox Lady has been able to grow her medical and aesthetic spa, and succeed with her own business. This way she has achieved financial freedom, which isn’t just having luxuries and money, but just being able to “make your own choices without fearing financial ruin.”

All of this has allowed The Botox Lady to thrive even in the middle of a crisis. During the pandemic, she has been able to partner with an intravenous nutrition company, and offer antibody and viral testing to customers. She was able to do all this in a very competitive market and as a mid-level provider.

We have recently partnered with an intravenous nutrition company to offer concierge services (intravenous nutrition, recovery, immunity, etc.).  With the recent pandemic, we now also offer COVID antibody testing and nasal swabs.  We have a team of nurses on site and available for concierge service 24 hours a day.  The possibilities are endless when you think big.” She explains.

Find out more about The Botox Lady here.

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