Wilson La Torre Teaches Us How To Take Your Passion And Make A Successful Career Out Of It

From an early age Wilson La Torre has always had a passion and respect for all types of cars. He decided he wanted to make a career out of it. That is when Detail Art Inc. came to be in 2009. Wilson La Torre the former owner and Director of Detail Art Inc. started his auto detailing business with only a few tools in his sisters garage. Wilson takes his work seriously and wants the best quality of detail for each vehicle that steps into his shop. 

I’m always thinking that every vehicle deserves to be taken with care and protected. It is for that reason we are striving for maximum care and perfection when we talk about car reconditioning” Wilson Shares. 

When starting a business it takes some sort of motivation to get the business up and running. Everyone has different things that motivate them, for some people it can be money, making a  name for themself or being their own boss. For Wilson it has always been his passion. He enjoys taking care of cars and keeping them looking as best as possible. No matter the time or patience it takes to get there. 

“One day a great idea came across my mind in dedicating myself to the car reconditioning business, not only because it seemed to be lucrative at the time, but also because as I mentioned before, cars are my biggest passion” Explains Wilson. 

Something that can really determine the success of one’s business is the way they deal with different obstacles. In Wilson’s case it was getting his business to grow. But Wilson never let that stop him or his business.  He pushed through those hard times and made his business successful without letting the obstacles or fear stop him. He is even planning on starting a second business.

We asked Wilson what fear means to him, he said “ Limitations, and when you start limiting yourself, it is the perfect path for failure”.

In addition to how you handle obstacles your mindset plays a big role when owning business. This is something that is very important to wilson. 

“Striving to provide a higher level of quality in each work. Not only just try,  but try harder to make that vehicle looking terrific and blown people’s mind after the whole work is done” Wilson emphasizes.

What really has set Wilson apart from his competitors is his real love for what he does. He takes pride in every aspect of Detail Art Inc. and it is very evident in the work product he produces. 

“Always standing for a higher quality, vast experience and being proud of every work done” Exclaims Wilson.

Wilson has made a name for himself in the Auto Detailing industry, he is someone who started off with a love and passion for cars and turned it into a successful business while continuing to have that love and passion. He has made Detail Art Inc. what it is today with his  determination, motivation and hard work. 

We asked Wilson what advice he would give to someone out there who is trying to start their own business.

Wilson shared “Go beyond as the expectations. Make yourself proud in every work that you perform. Make people look for you because you are good and hold for higher quality in each work”.

If you would like to learn more about Wilsons’ business, you can check out his website at or visit his instagram profile @detailartinc 

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