Leanys Bermudez On Working With And For Family Toward Success

Hard work knows no borders. Leanys Bermudez knows this, from working hard in her hometown of Toas, Venezuela, to her new home of the USA. 

Leanys grew up while overcoming many challenges, like sparse electricity. She believed that university was the path to financial independence and success, and traveled 4 hours everyday to get to her school. After 5 years of paying her way through school, Leanys came to a realization about education before moving to America. 

“Upon graduating I realized that it takes more than a degree to have freedom to finance. With the bad system of a country full of corruption, I decided that emigrating to the USA would give me a better future for myself and my family, but when I got here, I had many financial setbacks at work. It wasn’t the American dream that they sold you. It was much more complicated, but I kept going,” says Leanys.

Her voyage to the US led to Leanys meeting her husband and starting a family. With her husband, she started her own businesses. Together, they have three businesses: a telephone business with 11 locations, a healthy restaurant, and a real estate company. Running her businesses as a family makes sense because they are her motivation. 

“I am motivated by my desire to step ahead in life, to help my family, to change the destiny of my generation and my family. More than being inspired to get into a certain industry, I was inspired by the fact of having my own business itself. It did not matter what it was; however, I was clear about was that if I wanted something I had to work hard,” Leanys explains. 

To achieve success for herself and her family, Leanys keeps her mindset in the right place, and always works hard. She knows the importance of a mindset to mentally prepare yourself to fail along the way. All of the hours of work, discipline, and perseverance might still lead to mistakes, and yet, Leanys knows you can’t let it get you down – you need to keep working through with hard work.

“Work very hard in the first years of your business. You have to be on and working 24 hours of the day, be consistent and disciplined. Above all, read many books. It is important to always listen to stories from other people who have already launched what you are living, and reading is a great way to do this,” outlines Leanys.

Hard work will push you through negative comments, even those that come close, like from family. This hardship, Leanys says, is her biggest obstacle that she’s overcome. 

“Many times due to inexperience or simply because they do not have much understanding, family will give you bad advice and often doubt your decisions. It is not easy when you are the first generation in your family achieving your goals,” says Leanys. 

This same mindset is used when Leanys looks at her competition. For her, she doesn’t feel a need to look at competition or compare herself to them.

“The truth is, I do not look at my competition, I always try to focus on myself, my things and the things that I can achieve if I fail, it is my own fault,” Leanys says. 

With her mind not thinking about competition, and instead focused on hard work, Leanys has been able to work towards her own financial freedom. To her, this means having the opportunity to help others by giving a little of what she’s earned to those that need it. This act of service is gratifying, especially when given to family members in need. Beyond that, financial freedom also means being able to give a little to yourself, too.

“Financial freedom is being able to, right now, take a suitcase, go wherever I want, see the world, and teach my children that the world has many colours,” Leanys explains.

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