The Trucking Industry Was Not The Popular Or Easy Thing To Do, But That Didn’t Deter Alix Burton. He Has Found Success With His Fleet Of Trucks And His Positive Energy. He Shares His Story Below.

The truck driving industry is not what many people would consider a glamorous industry. Despite this, it is an industry that is relatively stable and reliable because things need to be transported from one place to another, and trucks are a great way to do it. Alix Burton got into the trucking industry and has found incredible success by doing it. Alix has found a niche for himself to make generational wealth.

“I wanted to be in an industry that wasn’t going anywhere that I could eventually pass down to my future kids. I knew no matter what trucks were not going anywhere and it was an essential part of the world. I did the “Cool and popular” gigs. I wanted to create generational wealth and build a legacy. I kept meeting people who were in the trucking industry for YEARS, and now I know why. Once you enter this game, you’re stuck! It’s addictive. You take the good with the bad!” states Alix.

This was not Alix’s first step in finding business success. He tried numerous jobs that did not work well for him. He even tried a truck business once before owning Good Energy World Wide. His previous trucking business flopped due to problems with partners and poor money management. He has made a successful fleet of trucks without ever obtaining a CDL and driving!

“I got fired from my telemarketing job, and decided I would never work a 9 to 5 again. I became a successful party promoter, then decided to jump into the trucking industry. I failed terribly in 2013 with my business partner at the time. I did not give up. I did research and gave it another shot in 2014. I was able to grow a fleet of trucks. I started running a fleet without ever obtaining a Commercial Drivers license. To this day I don’t have one. With my online trucking training course, I’m training thousands of aspiring entrepreneurs how to do the same!” Alix exclaims.

Alix differentiates himself from others in the trucking industry by going above and beyond the standards. He wants to give 110% to every person that he works with to ensure the best experience possible. This makes certain that people keep returning to Alix’s company to handle their business in the future.

“We over deliver on our services and courses. I have created a personal brand that has contributed to a lot of my success. I know how to connect with people and putting out good energy into the universe has been very rewarding in return. I always say, courses and info can be duplicated, but your soul and energy cannot be.” remarks Alix.

For those hoping to start their own business, Alix has a few pieces of advice to share in order to make the most out of your business. His biggest recommendation is that you educate yourself in order to avoid making mistakes that others have made in the past. The only was to be better than those that came before you is to learn in general and learn from their mistakes as well.

“Education before compensation. Don’t be afraid to invest in yourself and pay to avoid making the mistakes that others before you have made. Build a cushion. Use your 9-5 as leverage to invest in your dreams. Find something you’re good at and find ways to monetize it. Then diversify within your own industry first before jumping into new ventures.” Alix advises.

In the coming months, Alix will be speaking on big platforms as a motivational speaker hoping to inspire other young entrepreneurs. He will also be dropping a special truck course for people looking to get into the industry.

“I will be speaking on big platforms and motivating young, aspiring entrepreneurs. We already have the complete trucking portal and dispatch mastery course. We are dropping a course for truck brokers. We will be a one stop shop for all transportation education.” Alix says.

To find out more about Alix, you can follow him on Instagram @alix_goodenergy and check out his website at

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