Luis Tenorio Is The Owner Of Three Successful Businesses. He Came To The U.S. And Started Off As A Busboy. This is How He Achieved His Success

Luis Tenorio was a shy guy originally from Caracas, Venezuela. His story started off with him moving to Washington, DC and trying to find his footing in a new place while not speaking any english. His first few months there were particularly difficult as he tried to get used to the change to a new space.

“When I was in high school, I was the typical shy guy that didn’t have any group of friends. I was just jumping from group to group. I didn’t do well in school either. I repeated 8th grade , 9th grade, and 10th grade in a row, I literally repeated 3 years in a row. I had to move to a community school to be able to finish high school. I decided to move from Venezuela to Washington, DC on September 30 of 2013. The plan was to come to the US and study, focus on starting a new life with a better quality of life. My sister picked me up from the airport. The first few days, I didn’t get out of the house. It took me around two months to start going out and get to interact with people. I was shy, and I didn’t speak or write any english at the time.” Recounts Luis.

Luis took a job as a  busboy with his brother in law, even if it doesn’t sound like much, Luis has never worked in his life so this was a huge step for him and not knowing any english made it  very scary. His first paycheck was put towards him learning english in order to get ahead and change his life. He practiced with his co-workers and learned how to speak english in just a few months. This helped launch him into other careers.

“When my first paycheck arrived, I decided to invest it in myself and I pushed myself to start studying english at a college that was 45min away from home. I started learning english there, and I started using my job to practice what I learned. I took only two courses of one and half months each; they were vocabulary and communication skills. After that, I only practiced at work and with people. It took me around 8 months to learn by myself after learning the basics.” Luis remembers.

Luis knew that  these types of jobs were not what he wanted to do for the rest of his life. Instead, he wanted to start his own business and work to become an entrepreneur and make more money. Moving higher and higher up in the restaurant industry was a great success, but overall that was not what Luis wanted.

“I slowly worked my way up in the restaurant industry and reached manager position within my first year in the industry. For an immigrant with no english speaking skills, that was an important milestone in my life. But, I knew that wasn’t what I wanted to do my entire life. I started digging on how to make money from home by using social media platforms and that is how I found my first mentor “Tai Lopez.” 

“I bought his first course, Social Media Marketing Agency and devoured it! I learned everything from him. For a long time I was very busy and not productive, I didn’t know the difference between the two. I wasn’t improving. That was what was happening to me with my business and I didn’t know what was happening to me until I came across two important mentors in my life; Andy Frisella & Grant Cardone” states Luis.

Luis had many mentors and they all impacted him in very different ways.

“Andy showed me how to be focused and not to let others tell me that I can’t succeed or that I can’t do it. Then I learned that everyone has opinions, but not everyone has results. I started to listen to the people with results and ended up growing my business from 0 clients to 10 clients in less than 3 months. Grant showed me how to sell and not be sold, how to 10x my expectations and dreams! To not settle for less than 10 times what I wanted.” Luis shared.

Unfortunately, Luis experienced some difficult times with trying to get rich fast and wound up losing a lot of money quickly by getting involved in elaborate pyramid schemes that wasted money instead of helping him get rich.

“During this time of personal development I wasn’t educating my mind to understand that everything has a process and you have to enjoy it. I was thinking that there might be a secret formula or get rich quick type of trick. So I started to trust scammers and I lost a lot of money.” Luis mentioned.

Thankfully, he was able to pull himself out of this. Now, Luis owns two different kinds of businesses and is a contractor for the third: his social media marketing industry, LTR Revenues, Apha ATMs, and IM Academy for trading and coaching. IM academy has been Luis’ newest project which is training the best traders in the entire world as well as increasing the networking ability of his pupils.

“I started a new business with an amazing group of people. I’m part of the great family of IM Academy. We are an educational platform that teaches trading from the best traders in the entire world. It also allows students to embrace the company and get paid for it. They have an awesome network marketing system where the students with results/experience in the academy, are the ones who help get the word out.” explains Luis.

For those wishing to start their own business, Luis recommends believing in yourself. There will be many people who want to hold you back from your dream, but Luis says that you should focus on your own results and not the people who try and hold you down.

“Believe in yourself first and then listen to people with results not with opinions. Everyone has an opinion, but not everyone has results. And don’t take the rejection of your family, close friends, or strangers so deeply. They do it because that is what they believe is right in their paradigm or if they did something similar and they say it doesn’t work.” advises Luis.

Luis was able to turn his life around by working hard and always striving for more. Check him out on Instagram @luistenorior.

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