Meet Maurice Bowman: Find Out How He Manages 7 Business While Being A Father

It is difficult enough to become an entrepreneur in one business. Maurice Bowman, however, is the owner of seven different businesses. He is incredibly young despite being a successful businessman. 

Maurice manages to do it all while still being a father at the same time. He is an entrepreneur who had to live difficult experiences from a very young age. Because of his experience struggling in childhood, he knew he wanted financial security and financial freedom.

“I grew up with less luck, my mother and I lived in a shelter when I was 4 years old and it has been due to that experience that he has sought ways to obtain security. When I grew up, I did not want luxury, I wanted security. In pursuit of that, I knew that ownership and having my own business was going to create that not only for me but for my family.” Maurice recounts.

Maurice has been incredibly successful despite this rough childhood. Many of us are only good at one or two things. However, Maurice has managed to be an expert at multiple things. His businesses range in type, content, and skillset, yet he is able to handle it all with an incredible amount of expertise. 

Maurice is the owner of seven different businesses: a tattoo shop, a hairdresser and manicurist, an event space, an eyelash extension studio, a barbershop, and has three different online businesses in the Ecom space. 

“I love creativity and being able to connect with the world at the click of a button. Also, helping people feel incredible and educating them on how to grow their business. I love helping people get to the next level that is like a real thrill for me. This is what inspired me to get into these industries and e-commerce in particular.” Maurice exclaims.

For many people, when they want to start a business, the biggest challenge is to get started because among other things they don’t know where or how to start. Starting a business not only requires having an excellent idea, but also a massive amount of capital that can be infused into a business very quickly to cover upfront costs. This was also a challenge for Maurice who had to struggle to start not one business, but many!

I say the biggest challenge is starting! So many people want to but don’t know how or where to start. You want to have everything be perfect when the best thing you can do is just get the business up and running and you can perfect it as you go. I always compare Instagram. Instagram started out with pictures then we got videos, messages, ig stories and the works. But we wouldn’t have that if they didn’t start. So don’t worry about perfect focus when starting. Mindset is the number one at the top of the list. I always say what you think about, you bring about! And that mindset is going to deliver exactly what you think.” Maurice states.

Speaking about mindset, Maurice also has a podcast that is about that and many other tips on being successful in different businesses. The goal of his podcast is to show people how to overcome their fears and other obstacles that get in the way of them achieving success.

I actually have a podcast called delete your fears! Where I speak about mindset and being fearless. I think if you conquer your fears then you can become the best version of yourself and get the best experiences out of life. I’m also working on children’s business, children books and products.” Maurice explains.

To visit Maurice Bowman’s official instagram account, click here.

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