A Look at Alexandra Castle’s Artwork and Apparel Brand

Alexandra Castle is a rare artist who creates original artwork as well as customized apparel. While her business has only been running for a year, she combines her education from the University of South Carolina as well as her life experiences to design tailor-made artwork.

Alexandra describes herself as someone who has always loved supporting small businesses and finding ways to contribute and advocate for causes she believes in. Whether it is fundraising, or just providing awareness, Alexandra will do whatever is necessary for what she believes in.

Since graduating from the University of Southern California, Alexandra has been consistently growing her business and building up to over 20k followers. While it has only been about a year, Alexandra attributes the fact that she has been creating art as a hobby for years as an advantage. She mentions that building good habits, setting a schedule, and setting small weekly goals helps keep her moving in the right direction while staying organized. Keeping a routine together and work to focus on gives her the ability to accomplish so much without wasting unnecessary time.

If you are wondering, could you be an ideal client for Alexandra Castle Art? She has the answer. “Everyone is an ideal client; I have artwork that has resonated with so many different individuals from all walks of life. My favorite part of the job is making my clients happy!” Her positive outlook on life, as well as her drive to be a better person, is what keeps her inspired and allows her to create such great work.

Alexandra believes one of the biggest issues we face is childhood traumas. As someone who faced her own struggles early in life, she feels that her difficulties helped mold her into someone stronger, and more determined. Her first art show as a matter of fact was the night before her college graduation where she took part in raising money for at-risk youth while sharing her talents with the world.

Find Alexandra Castle on Instagram, here: https://www.instagram.com/alexandracastleart/

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