The economy may be stalling, but the demand for private aviation is steady and accelerating – due to the novel COVID-19 pandemic.

Travelers are seeking, now more than ever, the ability to travel privately to their favorite destinations with their families and close friends. Wanderlust has surged now that stay at home orders are slowly being lifted, and the need for social distancing has become the new normal.

Many airlines including American Airlines have announced schedule changes to match reduced customer demand, due to COVID-19. “As airline routes are being cut back, it is more difficult to find space on available flights,” says Mark McNeil, CEO of VOMOS.  “And many people are still afraid to fly commercial, so we are seeing a significant uptick in requests for private aviation.”

As concerns continue to rise, travelers want to reduce their chances of exposure and transmission by avoiding crowds. Flying private allows passengers the ability to control the number of companions on their flight, skip long security lines and avoid crowed airport lounges. These conveniences are now becoming more attractive from a time saving, health and safety perspective. 

McNeil recalled the early days of COVID-19 when his company was busy reuniting professional athletes with their families after the NBA season ended abruptly due to the pandemic, and as players began to test positive for the virus. The CEO of VOMOS states, “It has been my distinct pleasure to play the role of connector for these athletes during such challenging times.”

Over the past several weeks, VOMOS has received hundreds of requests for vacation home rentals from individuals looking to head South or West for better weather and views.  South Florida and California are the number one requested destinations according to Bashir Bradley, Lead Concierge for VOMOS. Individuals who have second homes in these destinations, or travelers who are simply tired of cabin fever, have opted for these locales due to their warm climate and access to the reopened beaches.

VOMOS is best known for its one of a kind all-in-one mobile marketplace for luxury rentals and experiences. VOMOS offers curated experiences such as private aviation, villa and mansion rentals, yacht charters and luxury rental cars for those seeking the absolute best in premium travel. Consumers can quickly access these high-end offerings and experiences anywhere in the world, versus spending countless hours of research over several platforms.

To find out more about VOMOS you can visit their website or social media platforms @VOMOS on Instagram or TikTok. The VOMOS app is also available for free download in both iOS and Android.

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