A Journey To Happiness And Success: Nidal Baumgartner Runs Seven Companies and Still Manages To Give Back To The Community

Nidal Baumgartner successfully runs seven real estate companies and invests in multiple startups after he was able to align his passion and purpose with his skills and abilities.

Nidal was born in 1995 in Zurich, Switzerland. He then lived in Rabat, Morocco for the first four years of his life, a time he deems highly influential. At five years old, he moved back to Switzerland to start school.

“When school time started, my love for car racing started too.” Nidal shares. “I started driving a cart at the age of 5, and since then I wanted to become a professional race driver.”

In fact, Nidal did do some racing growing up. By the time he was 16, he had successfully contested many racing competitions. But his father, who had always been an entrepreneur and businessman, had another plan for his life and introduced him to the world of business.

“At this time, when I was 16, I started to trade rare luxurious sports cars. That was the best way for me to combine the love to race and business.” Nidal says.

So when Nidal turned 18, he stepped into the footprint of his father and started his first real estate company in Switzerland. 

“I was motivated to start my business because I grew up in an entrepreneurial family. My desire was to continue what my father started and do it better.” He states.

Nidal was inspired to get into the real estate business because he could see the potential in it given his father was already in the industry. He knew there was more to get out of it too. 

“I would say the biggest challenges when starting a business are trust and working with the wrong people.” Nidal says.

Indeed, to trust a team of people working with you may be hard. Building that team itself can be hard. It is easy to end up working with people who are not fit for the job even though they thought they were, or who are good at it but do not go well with the company and mission.

Something that is helpful when overcoming these types of challenges is mindset. Nidal believes that mindset, in fact, is the most important of all when starting a business.

“My advice for those trying to start their own business is to not give up, to follow your dreams and to stop taking advice from no sayers!” Nidal advises.

Naysayers are people who continuously reject or deny, who are cynical and may stand in your way to slow you down or make you doubt your projects and actions. But Nidal believes that there is nothing to fear, and so, naysayers are just an obstacle in the path.

After dealing with all this, Nidal currently runs seven different real estate companies and is an investor in many startups. Moreover, he has been able to align his love for car racing with his business skills. This has led him to success.

“Success to me means having the ability to give something back and to live the life you want to live.” Nidal shares. “It is about being able to accomplish the next higher goal, too.”

At the moment, Nidal is working on a charity project in Morocco. He has started to build new villages for families in need near the place where he spent the first four years of his life. This is something Nidal is able to do because he has achieved financial freedom and is now able to give back. 

“Financial freedom to me means having the ability to act immediately.” Nidal explains. “Good business is not waiting for you, you must be ready 24/7.”

This is exactly what differentiates Nidal from his competition: he loves to take risks and has the ability to act immediately. After all these years in the business and thousands of objects and properties he has seen, bought and flipped, he has also cultivated a nose for profitable deals.

To learn more about Nidal, go here.

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