Abe Metellus Runs A Financial Education Business Through Which He Teaches People About Credit And Their Financials

Abe Metellus was born and raised in the island of Haiti and came to the U.S. when he was 12 years old. His family came in search of the American dream. Years after that, Abe is achieving the dream.

Abe is the type of person that takes risks and looks at every opportunity as a chance to win at life. With this energy, today he runs a financial education business that focuses on subjects that relate to credit.

I was young at the time but excited to come to this country because I knew this land offered more opportunities. I went through the education system here with a determined mindset to conquer. I’m the type of person that takes risks and looks at every opportunity as a chance to win at life.” Abe says.

The mission of Abe’s financial education business is to teach people about credit and their financials so they can achieve the same freedom he has been working towards for years.

Before all of this, Abe was working at a full-time job where he felt unhappy. But this is also when he found the inspiration he needed to go away and start his own business.  

While working at a 9-5 full-time job and realizing how unhappy, unsatisfied and unaccomplished I felt, I began to be inspired by the businessmen who I came in contact with daily at my place of employment. Their freedom motivated me to seek for the same, and understand that there was more.” Abe shares. 

The main force motivating Abe to start his business was his desire to achieve financial freedom, so that he could work at his own time and pace, and help other people do so too.

“Financial freedom and having the liberty to work at my own time, and the privilege to help people fix their credit and gain knowledge to build their finances is what motivated me to start my business.” Abe states. 

In order to do all of this, mindset is very important. Abe believes that without a shift in the way of thinking, many people stay stuck.

“How you think is what your life looks like.” Abe adds.

In fact, Abe’s advice for those trying to start their own business is to think about big things and remain consistent in those thoughts. This is the only way that business owners can move toward success. In addition, it is crucial to be focused on the main goal.

Honestly there are no such things as competitors when you focus on your goals and dreams.” Abe shares. “It is also important to shift your thinking from poverty thinking to big things, and remain consistent in those big things.”

Achieving financial freedom is a goal for many people. It generally means having enough savings, investments, and cash on hand to afford the lifestyle they want for themselves and their families.

“For me, financial freedom means everything because of what I like to do, which is to preach the gospel.” Abe states. 

This is also how Abe has been able to deal with fear, which for him is the opposite of faith. He believes both fear and faith require you to believe in something, but one is a lie and the other is the truth. He chooses to walk by faith. This way he overcomes fear and gets closer to success.

“Success means to me to be free from generational cycles. It also means freedom from limits, and freedom to serve God and people.” Abe says.

With the correct mindset focused on a specific goal, and with a clear view on how to overcome fear, Abe has been able to run his financial education business and provide his services to multiple people. He has also been able to look past his biggest obstacle, which are his personal fears.

Abe’s next projects include holding a seminar for youth in Homestead, Florida, where he will teach young people about credit and their financials, as they prepare to take on their life. 

Find out more about Abe and his projects here.

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