Leopoldo Puchi Releases New Book On Politics And Socialism

There’s no question that the word Socialism can mean different things to different people; especially when their origin is derived from different Countries.

Even if one looks at the differentiation between Socialism and Democratic Socialism, the differences are always found in the detail. 

But how did we get to the core of what Socialism is defined as today?

The great George Bernard Shaw, the Irish playwright and political activist, wrote a Pamphlet in 1890 explaining how and why Socialism came to be. 

Years later, the great sociologist and former Congressman of Venezuela, Leopoldo Puchi, published his latest book, Stories of Socialism – A Breviary of facts, ideas, and curiosities.

In the book, Puchi reflects on the latest socialist trends and how socialism continues to expand across the globe. 

For any lover of politics, this is a must read. For more information on Leopoldo Puchi and his latest book, please click here.

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