Meet Tre Davis: The World Renowned Barber And Financial Literacy Consultant Who Can Help You Improve Your Life With The BOSS CREDIT SYSTEM

Credit scores can determine the next big decisions you make in your life. Depending on how good or bad your score is, you will get to live in the house of your dreams or not, or drive the car that your family needs or not. This is why the work of people like Tre Davis is crucial.

Tre Davis an entrepreneur, public speaker and credit repair consultant. Through his effective credit strategy BOSS CREDIT SYSTEM, he has been able to help hundreds of people improve their credit scores with the tools he used to improve his own score.

“In 2008, I lost my six-figure corporate job developing strategic plans in underdeveloped markets in the alcohol beverage industry.” Tre shares. “I felt like I had it all, but I lost everything: my house, car, and 401k and I was living on unemployment. I bounced back in 2009 and transitioned into the barbering industry utilizing my talent, skills and entrepreneurial spirit to make ends meet.”

However, in 2016, as Tre became known as a barber and barbershop owner, his life came crashing down once again. He was a divorced single father with bad credit and had just lost his own dad. This is when he was forced to improve his own credit.

“I started my home based credit restoration business because I needed credit assistance and felt as though I was being taken advantage of. I could never get anyone on the phone. No progress was being made after months of payments.” Tre says.

No one had educated Tre on how to avoid making the same mistakes again, so after months of working with multiple companies, he decided to educate himself and plug into a proven system. His goal was to learn as much as he could about finances and credit so he could then help as many people as he could.

“I learned the FCRA laws in place to protect me, and I also learned proven ways to use those laws to get items removed from my credit report.” Tre explains. “There are many people in the world suffering due to a lack of knowledge. I was one of them, but our system helped me increase my score over 200 points in a few short months.”

Now Tre is passionate about helping people across the country and is running his successful home based credit consulting business, BOSS CREDIT SYSTEM. He is ready to help any and everybody with a positive mindset and a burning desire to start a similar business.

The biggest challenge for Tre when he just got started was not procrastinating and actually starting to work. At the beginning, it is easy to make excuses and not do work. Once you move on from that and start working, everything changes. It also helps to have a clear motivation.

“I got tired of my situation with having bad credit. I was inspired by learning and understanding how to be in control of my finances and not be controlled by my finances.” Tre states.

Another factor in Tre’s success was having the right mindset. In order to do this, he had to focus on self development, map out his goals, accept challenges, follow successful entrepreneurs, be proactive and stay consistent. 

“Having the right mindset can make a huge difference. Get started, don’t procrastinate, create some micro goals, be proactive and stay consistent.” Tre advises.

This will help you overcome any obstacle and not quit when things get tough, and it will lead to success, which for Tre is the achievement of desired visions and planned goals. Moreover, with success comes financial freedom, which is crucial for so many people.

“Financial freedom to me means that you get to make life decisions without being overly stressed about the financial impact because you are prepared.” Tre shares. “You control your finances instead of being controlled by them.”

The desire to help others reach financial freedom motivates Tre to run his business. He differentiates himself from his competition by focusing on solutions and allowing the customer to see solutions they did not think were possible.

In the near future, Tre will continue to educate people and help change as many lives as he can. Find out more about him and his work here.

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