From Barber to Entrepreneur, How Desmond Jackson Went from Living Paycheck to Paycheck to Making Six Figures

From a barber who was living paycheck to paycheck to business entrepreneur, Desmond Jackson has created a new life for himself in which he helps people all over the world rebuild their credit scores. This is something that many people struggle with and can be a massive roadblock when it comes to finding jobs, homes, or getting loans. That is why Desmond is here to help. 

“I built my own financial literacy and credit repair business. I am helping people all over the world with credit repair, saving, budgeting, and getting their time and freedom back with their families!” Desmond explains. 

However, it was not always easy for Desmond. Though he is now making six figures, for years he struggled with job stability and financial insecurity. He has worked all kinds of jobs in order to make money to support himself and his wife and three children. 

“I worked a factory job that I thought I was going to retire from, but I got fired after three years of working there. I was already living paycheck to paycheck, and did not have any money saved up! I cut hair part time, but it still wasn’t enough to take care of my family and bills, so everything got behind. Even though I got a job in corrections, I still was behind in bills and was not happy! Fast forward to a year later, and the house was about to be in foreclosure and our car was repossessed.” Says Desmond.

Making a drastic change, he and his family decided to move to Atlanta, Georgia. It was there that Desmond realized the challenges that people face when they have bad credit. Because of being behind on his bills, Desmond had very bad credit. He struggled to find and secure jobs amongst other things. He finally got a job working on a railroad and cutting hair, but that was not enough for Desmond. 

“I never had time and freedom with my family, so I still was not happy. I was working with the railroad and cutting hair at the same time, but I knew something had to change.” Recounts Desmond.

Desmond channeled his struggles and hardships and used it as an inspiration to begin his financial literacy and credit repair business. This business has truly changed Desmond’s life while allowing him to change the lives of others around him. He gets the double benefit of more financial freedom while helping people improve their credit.

“I’ve lost everything, but I gained back everything and more! I now have time and freedom with my family while making six figures from the comfort of my own home, on vacation, or even while I sleep. In my business, I don’t sell to people, I serve them. In other words I make their problems my problems! That’s how I’m able to help so many people.” Desmond exclaims. 

Throughout it all, Desmond has had the support of his family. He and his wife have been partners from day one, and he could not have been successful without their support through all the hardships that he had to endure.

“Throughout it all my wife never stopped believing in me! We got married young, and we are still together and very much in love. She was my first Business partner! She did not want to do it at first, but I made a believer out of her.” Desmond noted.

Even though many people did not believe in Desmond at first, he continued to fight for his dream to spend more time with his family instead of working long hours for his jobs. He never let these doubters get to him. 

“My advice is something that is big now always starts small at first.  Every person that’s great was doubted in the beginning. The more I’ve got into the spotlight, the more I don’t entertain doubters or haters.” Desmond advises. 

As his business continues to grow, Desmond looks towards the future and plans to continue to increase the size of his team while sticking to his original plan of inspiring, motivating, and helping people where he can. You can find Desmond Jackson on instagram @iam_desmondjackson and or at @dez_the_barber. You can also check out his websites,, and 

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