Prophet Lovy L. Elias Teaches Us Something About Ourselves: Understanding Your Inner Purpose

Very few of us can say we truly know our purpose in life. Sometimes it takes years to figure, and sometimes we never do. Prophet Lovy L. Elias on the other hand, found his purpose at the young age of six. Now, Prophet Lovy L. Elias is a life coach to celebrities and athletes as well as a general spiritual guide who offers daily teachings for those who need a bit of uplifting and help in life. He also considers himself a Pastor and businessman all wrapped into one. Originally from The Congo D.R.C, Prophet has made a name for himself by embracing what he sees as his purpose in the world.

“It’s not really motivation but purpose. Motivation can arise and can die, but purpose is forever. Knowing why you’re here drives you to make sure you never leave this world until you fulfill your purpose. Motivation can change over time. People can be driven by different things, but purpose drives you forever because everything you do will always be centered by that one thing. Know and find your purpose because your purpose will have a roadmap of what you’re supposed to do.That’s the only secret to success.The secret is there’s no secret. The secret is knowing why you’re doing it.” Prophet explains.

Prophet describes this purpose as something that is bigger than him. It is not necessarily what makes him unique, but rather it is something that he has been able to channel. Everyone has a purpose, but what makes Prophet different is that he was able to define his.

“I don’t think I’m a unique individual. I just think I’m driven. I know what I want, and I know the purpose in which I was born and I just go after it. I think that’s what people call being unique, but I don’t think it’s being unique. I think everyone has it, it’s just some people know and some people don’t.” Prophet says.

Since finding this purpose at a young age, Prophet Lovy L. Elias has done what he can to fulfill his goals in life to teach and guide others. He started his Ministry, Revelation Church LA, which is a non Profit  offering spiritual guidance. Prophet helps others find their own through his teachings and the teachings of the bible. He encourages people to not focus on competition in their endeavours, but rather to focus on their own aims. Those who follow this will be indomitable in their goals.

“Those who compete will always compete, so don’t be somebody who competes; just focus on what you’re doing. Learn from others, be inspired, but never compete. Competition is for people who have no purpose. If you’re doing what you’re supposed to do, no one will ever beat you at it.” Prophet advises.

Despite knowing his own drive in life, he has struggled with numerous people who do not believe in him or his goals. His purpose is evident to him, but he has encountered many people who do not believe in his prescribed determinations. This does not bother Prophet, however, he focuses on what inspires him, which is helping others. 

“The biggest challenge is always finding believers that will believe in what you have been given to do by God. At the end of it, you need to believe in God and believe in yourself and know that what God has given to you to do and you will fulfill it. Be motivated, be driven, love life and always live like it’s your last.” Prophet added. 

For his next projects, Prophet has big plans. He plans on continuing to do what he does best: helping others, but he wants to expand his spiritual guidance outside of the United States and do more in places like Africa, India, and other locations around the world. His goal is to truly help those in need. 

“My next project is really being able to bless the less fortunate and doing a lot of charitable things. Not only in America, but I have to expand into the Philippines as well, into Africa, India and other parts of the world that have a lot of needs.” Prophet stated.

If you want to learn more about Prophet Lovy L. Elias and his teachings, you can subscribe to his Youtube channel by searching Prophet Lovy on Youtube. You can also check out his website for more about him as well as follow him on Instagram @prophetlovy.

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