Creating A Business Out Of Listening To Diverse Perspectives: Jasper Hagan Has Founded A New Kind Of Company

Many of us have had a loved one who has battled cancer. It can be one of the scariest experiences that someone goes through. Jasper Hagan had a very rare type of cancer. He underwent numerous treatments to try to cure the disease. After this scary bout with cancer, Jasper Hagan understood how important and valuable life was. It was out of this experience that Jasper decided that he needed to leave his mark on the world and begin working towards his dreams. 

“Throughout 2018 and 2019, I had a rare form of neck cancer: angiomatoid fibrous histiocytoma. I underwent four surgeries, a tracheostomy, and 30 rounds of radiation treatments. After successfully beating cancer, I made the decision to focus on leaving my mark on the world by focusing full time on my own company.” Remembers Jasper. 

Jasper took his passion for media and radio and ran with it. He worked for a while at iheartmedia, but quickly realized that he wanted more from his life. He enjoyed connecting with celebrities and influencers, but he wanted to venture out. He discovered his passion for marketing and created his business.

“I started my media career at iHeartmedia; there I successfully created and executed local, regional and national media campaigns. After seven years there, my passion for connecting brands and artists led me to creating and founding Full Court Marketing, a company that has successfully secured strategic partnerships with iconic global brands.” Says Jasper.

Jasper is the founder and creator of Full Court Marketing, which does something that is not normally done by marketing companies. The company focuses on multicultural customers and strives to tell their stories. In a much more multicultural world, it is important to tell these stories to provide new perspectives and better solutions to the same problems. 

Full Court Marketing, a creative marketing agency that thrives on telling authentic stories of multicultural consumers that have yet to be heard. FCM focuses on providing fresh perspectives and delivering high-impact, culturally relevant solutions that go beyond what’s expected.” Explains Jasper. 

For Jasper, he felt that he had an idea that the world needed. Although he originally stumbled a bit upon starting his new profession, he has managed to achieve success and loves every minute of it. He says that his mindset has been incredibly important when it comes to creating and managing his business, and anyone who wishes to start their own business should also start it with a good mindset.

“Mindset is so important. You have to be confident and believe in what you’re doing, selling, promoting, pitching because everything isn’t for everyone, and your mindset and beliefs will attract the right people to you.” Recommends Jasper.

Much like many other businesses, the current pandemic has affected Jasper’s company quite a bit as events shift rapidly. He is attempting to keep his business up and running as well as flexible in order to meet the challenges. 

“COVID-19 has been the biggest obstacle for me so far. I am trying to create a sustainable business while the world is shifting. You have to be adaptive and ok with pivoting. Our main focus is to follow industry trends and insights and continue to provide great opportunities and partnerships for our clients.” States Jasper 

Jasper keeps on working to better his business despite the difficulties. His next projects include some film and brand projects. Though he cannot say too much about them right now, it is clear that J and his company plan on growing and prospering as much as possible.

“I stumbled into the industry because of my love of business and how in every field there’s a business aspect to it. That mixed with my imagination prompted me to dig deeper and find ways that I can make my mark in the industry. We are working on a few film placements and brand partnerships that I can’t share too much about but it will be very exciting.” Exclaims Jasper.

If you would like to learn more about Full Court Marketing, you can check out the website at and follow them on Instagram at @fullcourtmktg. To learn more about Jasper Hagan, you can follow him @iamjhagan.

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