Meet Kiera Pack: How This Entrepreneur Creates An Affordable Event Space For Metro Detroit Residents

The Detroit Metropolitan area has experienced its fair share of rough times. Many families struggle with making ends meet. When it comes to planning an event, this means there isn’t always a lot of disposable income to invest in designer events. This is where Kiera Pack comes in. She has mastered providing fabulous looks for less. 

Kiera is the founder and owner of Pareik Gallery and Pareik Too. The two locations in metro Detroit provide full service event planning and spaces for events in the Detroit Metropolitan area. The spaces provided for renters include beautiful features such as floor to ceiling windows, round table, ghost chairs, and many more. 

“We are one the first full service events spaces in Metro Detroit.” Emphasizes Kiera. 

Kiera came by the idea after attempting to plan an event of her own for her skin care business. She discovered that there were not many places she could turn to for help. When she did find someone to work with to provide support and an event space, her experience was not very pleasant. 

“I actually have a skin care business as well and I was looking for a space to have a product launch party. I couldn’t find anything that looked glamorous and was affordable. I finally found a loft style venue in Detroit … and let’s just say their service was bad. He had no desire to help with the event or even offer where I could find help. I asked what’s included and he told me literally ‘those 4 clear ghost chairs.’ The next week I found my space.” Kiera says. 

One of her main inspirations was the fact that she wanted the city of Detroit to have an affordable event space where people could have displays and features for their celebrations that looked like they were top notch. 

“I wanted people to be able to have amazing events with a lower cost. In my community, we didn’t have those events that looked like something out of a magazine that was actually in financial reach. We are always ahead with changing decor trends, we also try to work with peoples budgets.” Explains Kiera. 

Kiera has struggled with numerous obstacles to get her business up and running. The first, and perhaps the hardest one, was the fact that many close to her did not support her ideas. They were confused by her desire to create the first gallery. 

“I had close members of my own family that did not believe in my vision and basically said why are you doing this?” Kiera recalls. 

Much like many other event businesses, Pareik Galleries, has been affected by the devastating Coronavirus pandemic. Pareik Galleries and other event services have been disproportionately affected by the outbreak because they rely on groups of people getting together. However, Kiera merely adjusted her business to meet the challenges of the new social distancing regulations, but it has still taken a toll on Pareik Galleries. 

“Coronavirus has completely shut down our business. We had to pivot our business to online training courses due to the loss.” Stresses Keira. 

Despite this, the business still forges on. Kiera has begun thinking of a new project for herself in which she will be teaching online classes. 

“I’m going online with a master class of how to teach people how to start an event space online. It’s a 6-7 figure business if executed correctly. One thing that will set me apart is you will actually have access to me and not just a pre-recorded video.” Says Kiera. 

For those who wish to start their own business, Kiera recommends both trusting in yourself and using the resources around you to help build yourself up. She looks forward to doing this herself in the future as new like minded businesses have opened up around her. 

“Bet on yourself. Also, if there is someone in your area that’s in your same business, try to collaborate. Many event spaces have opened near me and it would have been great to collaborate and feed off of each other’s knowledge.” Kiera advises.

In addition, Kiera recommends people to stay focused and not be discouraged by the challenges they encounter. Like in other jobs, there will be days that the job will be more difficult. For this, she recommends a good mindset. 

“Mindset is extremely important. You will be discouraged and will feel exhausted and overwhelmed, but it’s important to stick to it.” Recommends Kiera. 

Kiera’s fear when it comes to the Pareik Brand is that she will be unable to live her truth. However, she uses her entrepreneurial spirit as well as the entrepreneurial spirit of those around her to keep her team successful. 

Find out more about her business here.

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