It Takes Years Of Hard Work, Failure And Risk To Get To Where Patrick McGeoghean Is Today

Whoever really wants something will do anything to achieve it. This is the case of Patrick McGeoghean, who knew since he was a young teenager that was going to be successful. Today he successfully runs two businesses and day trades stock options.

Patrick McGeoghean runs a marketing agency called Miracle Marketing Labs, which focuses on getting businesses leads and helping businesses have a presence on social media. He also runs Centurion Credit, which helps repair people’s credit, build massive lines of credit, and use these lines to produce passive income.

Everything started for Patrick when he was a 14-year-old working for his father’s construction and landscape company for $10 an hour. When he started working 40-50 hours per week during the summer. At 16 he started trading when he had is dad open him up an account, where he would lose all the money he earned every week.

“I would always look at my desktop background of a white Lamborghini and house in the hills and say ‘one day I’m going to have that’. Every single time I would lose money, I would write down what I did wrong so I never would make that mistake again.” Patrick shares.

Although Patrick was losing most of his money, he continued to invest most of it on himself buying books and trying to learn about new business models. He went to college even though he dreaded it and would rather have continued learning on his own.

“I remember in one of my finance classes we had to run the numbers on a car to calculate the payments for a project. I chose a 300 thousand Lamborghini to run the numbers on, and when I got the project back I got 10 points taken off with a note that said ‘be realistic’.” Patrick recounts.

This note pushed Patrick to prove his professor wrong and everyone else who doubted him. He soon after started listening to Andy Frisella and Ed Mylett on a regular basis and was inspired by Frisella’s advice to write down the names of people that doubt you, along with what they said and the date. 

“I ended up dropping out of college and started Miracle Marketing Labs. After about two months, I started getting pretty good at sales. But I was also introduced to credit and I started learning how to build massive credit lines and how to liquidate them through something called manufactured spending. I then used that credit line to invest in stocks where I lost 50k. I then went back to the bank and got an additional 50k where I lost 40k of that. Eventually, I was 90K in debt-feeling hopeless and depressed.” Patrick says.

During those hard times, Patrick continued to read back the doubts of people he had written down, which kept him going through it all. Eventually, he came across options trading and his whole life changed.

Patrick also stated, “During my college time I built a total of 18 Ecommerce stores with only two being profitable for a short time. I would put so much time into these stores and they continued to fail. I felt like I learned the most about business through building these stores, talking with suppliers and managing ads.” 

After that, he created Centurion Credit to help people repair their credit and build passive income. This is the business he is most passionate about, as it is his way of sharing the tool he used to completely change his life. Patrick has built personal/business credit lines of over 500k and has a goal to hit 20 million in credit lines by the age of 30.

“I finally had a breakthrough and in my first month of trading options, I made 78K. The rest was history and I continued to constantly make over 50K a month.” Patrick shares.

Now that Patrick’s businesses are up and running, he is currently working on his personal website and starting up Taurus Capital which will be a hedge fund in the near future. In addition, he has set his long term goal to own a massive real estate company.

“My goal is to have 5,000 units by the age of 50. I have been preparing for this during my free time.” Patrick states.

Through it all, Patrick has been able to overcome going broke multiple times and having massive debt, and he has been able to use other people’s doubts as fuel to keep him going. This is why he does not see fear as something that stops him.

“You don’t get anywhere in life by running from fear. If something scares you and puts you out of your comfort zone, smash through that door of opportunity because it will make you a better person.” Patrick says. “My biggest fear is getting to the end of my life and seeing someone I could have been and not even recognizing him. This pushes me to be a better person every day.”

For Patrick, success means being able to hit and conquer goals, rather than having X amount of money. This is why it is important to set milestones or goals, so that you achieve success by fulfilling them. It is also important to have patience.

“My biggest advice for someone starting a business is don’t expect anything for the next five years. Put your head down, make the sacrifices and get to work. Don’t try to take shortcuts as it will prolong your success. There’s going to be real rough times but they will pass as long as you get up every single day and put in the work.” Patrick advises.

It is his resilience and hard work that differentiates Patrick from the rest of his competition. His personal goal is to outwork everyone else by being the first one at the office and last to leave. It is hard work that will help him maintain his momentum. Patrick believes financial freedom is to have time, which is the most precious commodity in the world.
As Patrick looks into the future, he continues to look back on what he has gone through and remembers what got him to where he is now. Which includes years of hard work, failure, and risks. To follow his journey, go here.

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