Meet The Goldden Queen Looking to Improve Your Finances

Leela, better known as the Goldden Queen, has been an entrepreneur her entire life. When she first started off years ago she was investing in properties, and she owned her own hair salon. Now she is in the consulting business, helping individuals improve their finances, and teaching them how to make better choices with their finances. Her brand is goldd everything. Her reasoning behind this is because gold is pure, and never rusts which is exactly how she sees her brand. 

Leela recognizes that the biggest challenge when starting a business is making sure that the customers understand the type of business that you are running, while also ensuring the customer about how the business will benefit them.

“Believe you can and you’re halfway there. Stay focused and discipline yourself. Make the money don’t let it make you,” she advises.

For her it is all about having the right mindset, especially when it comes to starting a business. Mindset is extremely important and is what will set you apart. She believes that what you think becomes your reality. 

When Leela first got started in this business, she did so because her mom went through a divorce and filed for bankruptcy. Seeing her family members constantly struggle with finances, she realized that she did not want that for herself.

“I said it’s time for a change. How can I  help with this situation?” she recalls.

She has always been the type to believe that she could create the life that she wanted to live. She also knew that in order to achieve this life she would have to work hard and not give up, only this way could she achieve financial freedom.

“I realized that finances and discipline play a big part in how you live your life. I decided that I wanted to inspire others as well. I have now been able to change countless lives across the world,” she shares.

In Leela’s world there is no competition. She is as authentic as she can be, always believing in herself and her power to turn everything she touches into gold. This has led her to creating her powerful brand and business and in turn given her the ability to help others do the same. Success to her has been being able to positively impact the life of her clients around the world in a positive way. She is helping her customers live the goldden life!

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