Simon Tizon Was Homeless Three Years Ago, Now He Runs a Six-Figure Business

Three years ago, Simon Tizon was homeless during one of the coldest winters Minnesota has ever seen. He is now a recognized marketing expert running his own six-figure digital marketing company.

“I was living in my car in -30 degrees, and as I shivered with a blanket only big enough to cover the upper half of my body, I thought to myself, ‘If I can make it through this, I can make it through anything.’” Simon recalls.

At the time, he would spend hours browsing on social media, which led to him learning many ways to monetize it. He then decided to start doing affiliate marketing and found success through running ads. Simon then realized that what he was doing had a lot of value to business owners and decided to create a company through which he could offer that service.

“I founded a digital marketing company that provides multiple services to help businesses create profitable marketing strategies using social media, Google and Search Engine Optimization (SEO).” Simon tells.

The biggest challenge when starting a business, according to Simon, is dealing with uncertainty. He thinks that this applies to any business and business owner, because when people start a business there is a 50/50 chance of success or failure. 

“We either win it all or lose everything. And as an entrepreneur, it is very important we strengthen our mindset to get clarity of our destination and goals.” Simon says.

Simon’s own purpose and goal was driven by his desire to be bigger than life. He also wanted to be able to show his value to the world, and so he decided to create a platform for people to know who he was and what he loves to do.

“Mindset is everything. To have clarity on what we want out of life, we must have the right mindset. The way we think will determine the way we act and our outcome.” Simon advises.

Simon sees fear as motivation. For him, it is a test to see how far we are willing to go before we quit. Fear is just something that lets us know we are stepping out of our comfort zone and it is up to us to deal with it.

“My advice for those starting their business is to do three things: read everyday, get clarity on your purpose, and out work everyone.” Simon shares.

Simon believes that reading books that bring value to your life and help you improve is important, as well as being able to find what makes you want more out of life. Once we find our purpose, Simon stresses that everything else will fall in place. And lastly, it is crucial to out work everyone, because anyone can have all the talent in the world but if there is no hard work behind that, the talent is useless. 

When it comes to competition, Simon says doesn’t really compete. He believes that “the most unique part about ourselves is that we are our own person.” Simon thinks we can all offer the same thing, but what makes us different is how we offer it. So there really is no competition. In fact, he worries about other things, such as procrastination, which he sees as the biggest obstacle to success.

“It’s easy to say I’ll do it tomorrow, it’s easy to take a break. But having the audacity and conviction to wake up and look at the person in the mirror and say ‘Grind harder today’ is a battle most of us lose everyday.” Simon says.

As he continues to achieve financial freedom, which for him is bringing value to others while not worrying about money, Simon is focusing on his next projects. He is planning live events for business owners to learn strategies on how to build, brand, and share their stories leveraging social media platforms. You can learn more about Simon and all his projects here.

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