7-Figure Young Entrepreneur Vandit Showed The World That Limits Aren’t Excuses

Many people struggle as they grow up to lead a normal life. Some children sometimes have to get involved in house-duties instead of playing games with their friends, if their families are in peril or in need. Sometimes, the most valuable people are those who sprung out of tough childhoods.

Vandit Shah was the only breadwinner of his family when most boys his age were being pampered in their houses. He was rejected because he did not have a college degree. He learned how to speak English by observing people, and he became a sales trainer after working at a call center.

“I was a 12th grader who could not speak a word of English. I started working at a call center and today, I am a sales expert, trainer, entrepreneur and an author, and I am trying to grow even more.” Vandit shares.

Because of his determination and dedication, Vandit was able to become a valued sales trainer, who helps companies sell their products. With his team, Vandit provides sales guidance, trains companies’ employees and sales leaders, and forms strategies suitable for each consumer behavior and market manipulations. 

“I was motivated to start my business by rejection.” Vandit says. “I never went to college, so I don’t have any kind of degree or diploma. When I was looking for jobs after working in the call center for a few years, I was rejected by most firms because I did not have a college degree. Candidates with zero experience and fewer skills were chosen over me.”

Vandit then decided to use his savings to start handling sales projects of small firms he had worked with before during the call center job. After that, his work profile started strengthening, and he became the go-to person in the market for multiple projects. He even wrote his book, “You Gotta Close the Deal” on his own, which was a challenge considering English is his third language.

“The biggest challenge when starting a business is the dearth of mental and emotional support from your treasured ones. My family’s financial grounds were not start-up-friendly, no one had ever started a business or taken the risk of losing money. When I share my ambition of starting something of my own, all I received were judgments on how I would fail.” Vandit says.

This broke his heart because he felt people were not supporting him. Nonetheless, Vandit started with meagre savings and at the end, the decision turned out amazing for him. He was using the skills he had learned at the call center to do so much: he had developed impressive skills and could set out to explore his abilities. 

“Without any organized guidance, I had accumulated the fundamentals of sales, how reading and observing human behavior is crucial and helpful.” Vandit shares.

For Vandit, mindset is the most important factor when starting a business. This is because when you think of starting something of your own, you will invest money, time, efforts, ideas and a lot more, which is why strong will power and support system are necessary, so that when things do not go as planned, you do not lose hope and keep going.

“The mindset to treat people with respect and care about who came with you for a fresh start is necessary.” Vandit adds.

Vandit also advises to analyze input versus output in terms of investments when starting a business. He says that research is very important, to know the market conditions and estimate your position in it. In addition, it is important to see fear as a motivator, something that can lead to self-motivation.

“I agree with the quote that says that ‘success is a state of mind.’ I want to touch the lives of millions through my work and my words, and share my experiences and learnings. If such a day comes where thousands of people gather to hear me speak, I would think I was successful.” Vandit says.

In the near future, Vandit will be training the sales employees and leaders of a very reputed firm, while also starting an online portal where he will share sales tips and motivate others. His ultimate goal is to let every struggling friend know that they will make it.

The main characteristic that differentiates Vandit from his competition is that his forte is communication. He maintains friendly relations with all of his clients, and speaks to prospects holding values even if they have opinion clashes. He does not focus on selling the units, but rather on providing value and top-notch services. To learn more about Vandit’s work, go here.

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