Entrepreneur Patrick Corsino Proved Everyone Wrong By Beating The Odds

Patrick Corsino was tired of seeing people go through a flawed education system into jobs they hate, and never truly living the life they dreamed of. He knew from the beginning he was not meant to go down the “traditional route” everyone wanted him to. For him, the worst thing that can happen in his life is having regrets and thoughts that he could have done and been more. He has now dedicated his life to helping as many people as possible avoid falling into this trap perpetuated by greedy institutions. He does this by helping people start and scale online businesses through his information product and service business.

Growing up, Patrick never liked school. He could get good grades, if he tried, but he never bothered to. He felt as though he was always learning things that would not matter (shakespeare, geology, etc..), while not learning real skills like how to make and multiply money (taxes, investing, etc..). While studying electrical engineering at Virginia Tech and working as a waiter at a restaurant, Patrick spent his free time learning all about the different types of online businesses. After taking his education into his own hands by enrolling in several courses online on topics he was actually interested in, he started his first ecommerce business. After making his first sale, Patrick instantly felt that spark and saw the potential. He decided that this was what he was meant to do. He went on to do affiliate marketing in addition to ecommerce, and even taught himself how to trade cryptocurrencies, all while building his personal brand on YouTube and Instagram. Once his friends and family started noticing he was making money, they all started asking him to teach them. This is when he realized he had a passion for helping others and seeing them succeed. That, along with his bad experience in a flawed education system, has inspired him to dedicate his life to reforming the education system and helping as many people as he can reach the level of financial freedom that they always dreamed of. Patrick is very honest in his business. He puts the customer first and delivers the best customer service. 

“Most people put on a persona or try to act above their wages in order to try to prove something.I will always give everyone the truth no matter how harsh it is,” he says.”

His biggest advice to those looking to start on their own path to entrepreneurship is to just start. While most people spend their whole lives waiting for the “perfect time” to start their business, there just simply is never a perfect time. 

“It’s about starting and when you run into problems/issues, you can work to fix them. That’s what being an entrepreneur is all about.”

Another crucial part of being an entrepreneur for Patrick has been having the right kind of mindset. He learned early on from his mentors to always think big. Most people think small and dream small because that’s what they see everyone else do. He advises people to find a mentor and see what they do, how they act, and how they think. People should consider spending money on getting the right knowledge from the right people. 

“Most people who have achieved any level of success started off in positions similar to all of us. I believe what separates the most successful people from the mediocre is their ability to think big.”

Patrick’s next projects are all around perfecting a system to help people start and scale their online businesses. He wants to continue on making a change in people’s lives by helping them reach their full potential. His take home message is that  people do not have to take the traditional route. There are countless opportunities out there, and Patrick is an example of what you can do by prioritizing yourself and your future.

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