Trevor Wong is Passionate About Ecommerce and Social Media Marketing; That is Why He is Good at it

Social media marketing and ecommerce-based businesses are a growing trend in 2020. Since the last decade, when social media became a tool for promotion of specific content and material, marketing agencies have become more necessary; and since ecommerce started replacing regular retail and traditional businesses, having the know-how to engage in ecommerce has become more important.

This is why entrepreneurs like Trevor Wong are making a difference. Trevor is a 23-year-old entrepreneur from Toronto, Ontario who attended York University to get a degree in civil engineering. Since he was in college, he had always had a strong work ethic and a deep understanding of the need to save money, holding even three jobs at a time.

“This helped me build a strong work ethic that I value to this day. I started running my own brands in third year university when I realized I wanted to own my own business. In fourth year, I started my own ecommerce website and was able to generate over 100K.” Trevor says.

Thanks to his business ideas, Trevor was able to get his dream car a BMWi8 when he was just 19, and he paid his way through college. All of this led him to where he is now: running online websites for ecommerce and building brands on Instagram through social media marketing.

Trevor was motivated to delve into the business world because of his desire to achieve financial freedom. He wanted to be able to work for himself on his own time and be able to do what he loves. Having his own business excited him because he would get to do what he was passionate about and share his creativity through his work.

“The biggest challenge when starting a business for me, as I developed an interest in drop shipping and building online brands, was underestimating the amount of time and research that goes into building a successful brand.” Trevor shares. “However, I quickly realized that if I put in the effort and didn’t try to take shortcuts, everything I needed was easily accessible to me.”

Through his path towards building his own business, Trevor also realized that becoming an entrepreneur does not necessarily require him to invent a new product, but that instead it could mean “finding feasible solutions to universal problems consumers experience.” Trevor realized he could also always create something that satisfied the need of customers, depending on the market.

Something that Trevor advises is to surround yourself with supportive individuals who encourage you to get your mindset back to the right place, whenever you are down. For Trevor, having the correct mindset is very important because “hours should not matter if you want to make your business succeed.”

“The biggest lesson I’ve learned while managing my own business is that you should always attempt to execute ideas that you are passionate about. You will succeed if you are doing something you genuinely believe in.” Trevor advises.

For Trevor, timing is also of the essence. He believes that no one should let the fear of competition discourage them from implementing their ideas. This would be a negative mindset that could cause entrepreneurs to miss out on potential opportunities. 

Another negative actor is fear, which impedes you from trying something by valuing the risk factor above the reward. According to Trevor, fear holds people back to testing or believing in the ideas they come up with. 

“Even I struggled with this issue where I was always scared of failure but learned from the support of friends that I needed to learn to face the possibility of failure because it was a stepping stone.” Trevor admits.

Overcoming a negative mindset and fear will lead to success, which for Trevor means reaching the goal you were trying to achieve. For Trevor, if you set a goal or a milestone you want to reach, and you are able to achieve it, you have been successful. This is why he will often set a milestone that is realistic to reach and set a plan aside in order to reach it.
Trevor’s next projects include building a strong reputable brand that has strengths in all aspects of business, from customer service and quality to packaging. Trevor wants to focus on researching a brand he strongly believes in and marketing it to a top position in its competitor market. To see him do that and follow him, go here.

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