Meet The Doctor Trying to Protect & Save Your Vision

The average American is now on a digital device for 8-10 hours a day, causing millions of people to suffer from digital eye strain and poor sleep.

“Our eyes were simply not designed to function this way, and we all know that this may potentially cause damage to our long-term vision and eye health. Seeing that this problem is only going to increase, and after poring through countless research studies showing the potentially harmful effects of digital devices on our vision, and the benefits of certain nutrients, I saw an opportunity to create a solution,” says Doctor K.

Kaushal Kulkarni, M.D., also known as Doctor K, is one of the relatively few board-certified neuro-ophthalmologists in the world. He specializes in the eye-brain relationship and has treated thousands of patients in clinics in Washington DC, Miami, San Diego, and NYC. While in college, he also began studying meditation with many different teachers from all over the world, and has now been practicing and teaching meditation for over 19 years. His unique combination of skills and passion has turned him into the highly sought after Vision Doctor: a social media influencer who not only talks about vision and eye health, but about meditation, biohacking, overall health and fitness, life vision and purpose.

Doctor K is the founder of eyetamins™, an eye vitamin and supplement company dedicated to eye care for the modern world. They have three flagship products:

blue blocker™: an ophthalmologist formulated and approved supplement to counteract the harmful effects of blue light, protect against digital eye strain, improve sleep, and increase overall eye health. optimeyes™: an eye supplement combined with nootropics to help athletes, gamers, and performers enhance their vision and cognition while protecting their eyes from long hours of screen time. Lastly, they are working on a unique, patent pending dry eye product sourced from the Himalayas and proven to treat dry eye, a condition which affects up to 20 million people in the US.

What motivated him to start his business was the lack of a good quality eye vitamin available to the general public, and an urgency regarding potential long-term health and vision issues due to digital screens. He was frustrated that the eye vitamin and supplement industry has not kept up with modern times. “Current eye supplements are mostly focused on an older population with macular degeneration and have not evolved to keep up with the growing demand that digital screens have placed on our vision and eye health,” he says. This led him to creating eyetamins™, an eye vitamin company focused on eyecare for the modern world.

From his perspective, mindset is a crucial part to everything he does. Doctor K believes in spending a good deal of time on his mindset every day, starting with meditation, gratitude, reminding himself of the type of person he wants to be, and reviewing his life vision and goals for the day, the year, and the next five years. He believes we need to remind ourselves of our principles every day, otherwise life will pass us by and catch us off guard. He also knows that in this business, it’s a delicate balance between trying to stay positive and optimistic and believing in yourself vs. being realistic and open to being wrong. 

Doctor K had already managed to create a successful life as an ophthalmologist when he decided to branch out and create a trustworthy eye vitamin brand that people love. He is clearly tackling an issue that hits home for all of us. While we all spend the majority of our time on our cellphones and other digital devices, Doctor K, The Vision Doctor, is working hard to protect our vision.

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