How Rising Star Peyton Shayler Has Created a Fanbase From Her Social Media

Peyton Shayler is inspiring young people to live out their dreams. Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, sixteen year old Peyton recorded her first song when she was just thirteen years old. She has now been singing for over four years, and has gone on to reach #18 in the U.S. Billboards and #7 in the UK charts. At fourteen years old she went on her first tour, and has also spent three weeks in the UK performing for hundreds of people around her age. 

Peyton found her passion for music and the way that it helps connect everyone. Her music reflects her life. Everything that she goes through she creates a story out of. As a young artist, her audience is able to see and grow up with her. As she navigates through life, she is able to count on them for their support to be there every step of the way and vice versa.

“If we are able to listen to complete strangers and feel what they are feeling, maybe we are not as different as we think,” she says. 

She gives thanks to her first vocal coach, India, who she says gave her the tools she needed to succeed in what she is doing today. At the age of ten, Peyton joined a local musical theater program with one of her friends. There she performed plays such as Les Miserables and Joseph and The Technicolor Dreamcoat. Although she was given a smaller role, she ended up falling in love with entertaining. Wanting a lead role so bad, she begged her mom for vocal lessons. From there she created, wrote, and recorded her first song at thirteen years old! 

Throughout this journey, the biggest challenge for Peyton has been her confidence. Although it used to be a lot worse she shares, she still catches herself in moments of doubt. “It’s so frustrating because it’s something only you can change. As cliche as it sounds, your mindset can make or break you. I feel like this in particular is something so many of us struggle with, including myself. How can you expect someone to trust and be a part of your brand/journey if you are unsure of what you bring to the table,” she says.

Her advice to those that wish to follow in her footsteps is to stop doubting and just go for it. Her biggest advice is to not be afraid of failure. Through our failures we are able to find our success. That growing, learning, and pushing forward is what makes failure so rewarding and vital.

Peyton has her first EP releasing soon. Her team and her have spent months and months in a creative headspace bringing these songs to life. Aside from that, she is also getting ready to perform her biggest show to date. 

For Peyton, it all comes down to her story. She has turned her social media into a diary. She writes and interacts how she is truly feeling. Her story has compelled her supporters and enabled her to have such a strong connection with them.

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