Would You Like To Make Passive Income Through Real Estate Investments? Antoine Martel Shows You How

Passive income may be the only way to ensure proper retirement. This way, while working throughout life, you are also saving money without doing anything. The main source of passive income is real estate, but not everyone knows how to manage or invest in real estate. Antoine Martel is one of the few that has mastered this industry.

Antoine Martel runs MartelTurnkey, a turnkey rental property company that focuses on helping clients achieve lifetime passive income through turnkey real estate investments. What they do is identify viable economic markets across the U.S. and then they narrow it down to potential neighborhoods and properties that they can successfully rehabilitate and offer as turnkey rentals. They have done this in cities like Memphis, Birmingham, St. Louis and Cleveland. 

Antoine started at a very young age. He was only 19 years old and still in college when he bought and sold his first rehabilitated out of state property in Memphis. By the time he was 23 years old, he had already built MartelTurnkey into a ten million dollar company.

“Before I graduated with a degree in Entrepreneurship, I had already secured multiple cash flowing properties for the new family business, Martel Family Realty, which evolved into what is now MartelTurkney.” Antoine shares.

Since he was young, Antoine had always been interested in business. His parents taught him and his brother about money early on and his mother ran a low-carb market close to where he grew up. Soon after, he started coming up with his own small business ideas.

“I came across real estate investing in a seminar in college. I was just really struck by the potential for making money. Eventually, I saw this business as a way to give back to my parents for all their hard work.” Antoine says.

In fact, with Antoine’s help through MartelTurnkey, his dad was able to retire last year and his mother quit her job recently.Given that they no longer needed to worry about their retirement funds. This is what Antoine is most proud of.

When he was just getting started, Antoine faced many challenges, such as the volatility of the market and the high prices of places such as the Bay Area. Antoine believes that even if someone has information about how to do something, they need to be able to adapt if the way they do things is impeded by something else. This is dependent on having the right mindset.

“I think that having the proper mindset can make the difference between success and failure. If you go into something full of doubts or feeling self-conscious, it makes it much harder to keep going because along the way, there will be lots of people whose opinions you trust who will tell you to give up. Unfortunately, that’s just the way it is. Most people are happy with the status quo and they’re afraid to take risks.” Antoine states.

Antoine believes that it is necessary to have a confident mindset, but this confidence cannot be empty. It needs to be well founded, in time dedicated to preparation and study. Moreover, his main advice to those trying to start their own business is precisely to learn as much as they can.

“My advice would be to learn everything you possibly can about the business you want to go into. Not every business idea has great potential, so it is important to not waste time, money or energy on something that has little chance of success.” Antoine advises. “The other thing I always advise is to understand that you cannot do it all by yourself. You have to have a good team helping you.”

MartelTurnkey’s next projects include getting into multi-family projects. So far, they have bought and renovated 71 apartment building units in Memphis. They will continue doing single-family properties, too, given their incredible success. Just last year, MartelTurnkey completed 85 projects, which is why in 2020 they would like to grow that number to 120.

There are many things that make MartelTurnkey different from their competition, but the main factor is their transparency. They show it all, there is nothing to hide.

“We show it all – photos of the property, exactly what was done to the property, the financials, everything. You can even download the financials from our website. Most companies do not even show the properties they have for sale publicly, it is all cloak and dagger. We do not operate like that. Everything is right out in the open so investors know exactly what they are getting.” Antoine says.

In addition, they do not do any under the table deals with property managers. All their properties come with property managers and tenants, but no one is obligated to keep the property manager locked to their property or lease.

Antoine’s greatest success has been to be able to help his parents retire. Now he is looking forward to expanding his financial freedom, so that he cannot trade hours of his day for income and have the flexibility to go where he wants, when he wants, for however long he wants. When he was a child, his father did not have these liberties because he was a contractor who had to clock in in order to get paid. This is what ultimately inspired and continues to inspire Antoine.

To learn more about MartelTurnkey or get involved in real estate investing, go here.

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