How Digital Agency BreakThru is Bringing Innovation Back Into the Industry

It was entrepreneur Kevin Kuznetsov’s love and drive for creating and innovating that led him to create his digital agency, BreakThru, focused on marketing driven development and custom solutions. BreakThru was founded in lieu of a lack of research based execution in the digital development world. Digital companies are focused on an assembly line of websites, which are purposeless and generic. At BreakThru, they begin most of their work with a marketing research draft, identifying ideal clients, competition, marketing approach and timeline, budget distribution across marketing channels and sales funnel. After this they develop the website with those key elements in mind with CUSTOM design. They also specialize in custom solutions, driven to discover problems business owners are having, and creating a digital solution for them based on those problems.

When Kevin started BreakThru, he gave the same project to ten different developers and saw which ones had the same mindset that he did. He struggled trying to find the right staff, with the same passion for the industry and passion for creating as him. He also noticed a huge lack in productivity and fresh thinking in the industry. 

“Most of these businesses are run by older more traditionally minded people. I wasn’t looking for people to get work done, I was looking for people who approach me like “hey Kevin you know what would be great, if we can add this and add that,” he says. 

His staff now is just as passionate as he is for the work that they are doing.

Having the right mindset when embarking on this business was beyond important for him. So many doors got closed in his face when starting out, Kevin had to make sure he had the right mindset and a very strong mind to stay on track and not get discouraged. When his development cycle is twenty-four hours, with development centers in four different countries, his time has been the biggest challenge he has had to deal with. Because of this, he is in constant communication all day and all night. His secret to managing everything is to focus on the client, not the profit. 

“Whether it’s a 1,000 project or a 50,000 project I have the same relationship with them,” he says.

At BreakThru, the main focus for the future is focusing on large projects and acquiring a large company to work with. They also want to focus more on specialty work as well (HIIPA compliant, FDA compliant, heavy scale software, special high level security databases etc). Their main focus is for innovation and over delivering. Majority of BreakThru’s competition is mostly interested in doing bare minimum, and don’t really care about the individual success of every single company they work with, that is not the case here. The team at BreakThru strives to build more than “just a website”. Their specialization is in the art of Digital Development, a harmony of various online components working together, with one goal in mind – to bring visitors to their clients website, and gain them the traction for their product or service.

At BreakThru, your business is their business. They aim to do more than just create, the want to help their clients solve problems digitally. They offer innovative solutions for various elements, by integrating tools such as Invoicing Systems, Inventory Management Platforms, Automation Tools, and more to help their clients reach any goal they have in mind. With a vast portfolio of happy clients, Kevin and his team at BreakThru have put the focus back on creation and innovation, something that was needed in the industry.

To visit their website, click here.

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