How This Business Man is Bringing About Innovation at Carlyle Capital

Mark Atalla is a first-generation United States citizen of Egyptian immigrants, whose drive to succeed is fueled by his parents’ ability to leave everything they knew in order to achieve the American Dream. His parents arrived in California in the 1970’s. At the time, Mark’s mother was walking four miles to work at the first McDonald’s in the area. His father was employed at a gas station, providing customer service and fueling vehicles. Twenty-five years later, he purchased the very same gas station.  Seeing his father succeed and become a respected member of the community made Mark proud and gave him the motivation to seek out his own success.

Mark graduated from California State University, Fullerton in 2007 with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Economics. He is now focused on bringing  about innovation and problem-solving strategies with his private lending firm, Carlyle Capital

Carlyle Capital is an asset-based private lender and asset management company in the business of deploying capital against real estate, typically as short-term bridge loans to acquire, refinance, re-purpose, or develop real estate holdings.  Loans funded are primarily based on the collateral and its value, and secondarily based on the borrower’s ability to execute on their business plan. Alongside in-house discretionary capital, Carlyle Capital’s extensive strategic partners provide the ability to competitively fund deals of any magnitude.

“Founded in 2000, Carlyle Capital’s strength and experience has provided fast and flexible real estate financing toward a variety of residential, multifamily, mixed-use, office, retail, warehouse, industrial, self-storage, hospitality, and other commercial properties for numerous investors.  Whether a private loan is needed to quickly acquire a property with a bridge loan, rehab, fix and flip, value-add, refinance, or construct a property, Carlyle Capital stands ready to make the process easy,” shares Mark.

Their track record as lenders, investors, and owners of real estate has allowed them to create an unrivaled reputation for underwriting and understanding even the most complex of transactions.

From early on, Mark noticed the very high demand for private capital in the markets and the lack of resources that were available to people. He wanted to bring to the table a lot of what younger entrepreneurs would in any business.

“There are many obstacles in this industry that many lenders are not willing to jump over. We go above and beyond for our clients, creating creative solutions to make even the most complex scenario work,” he says. 

While Mark has achieved great success in his business, it took a lot of patience and persistence. Mark had to learn to accept his failures, and turn them into something positive that he could learn from. He had to realize that he didn’t have everything figured out. Realizing that life and work are a constant learning curve, that you can’t be discouraged with and need to constantly overcome. 

His mindset has played a vital role in his success throughout this journey, and is the entire reason why he started a business in the first place. He knew from the moment he started that he was in this to be the very best. He wants to have purpose every single day to try and leave a legacy.

Success to Mark is a never ending journey. His next projects consist of new real estate developments and focusing this year on growing Carlyle Capital to be even bigger and more efficient than it currently is. Mark has learned from very early on that life and work will knock you down every day, sometimes two or three times a day, but he has learned from his journey that success is dependent on how you react to those failures. Through his success with Carlyle Capital, Mark has shown to know the true meaning of hard work and dedication.

To visit Carlyle Capital’s website, click here.

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