Stephen Munson: The Digital Nomad and Entrepreneur Who Overcame Homelessness, Depression and Debt and Now Leads a Healing Community

Some say it is impossible to overcome certain troubles, and that some people are meant to succeed while some simply are not. Nonetheless, every once in a while people like Stephen Munson prove this to be false.

Stephen Munson has overcome 16 years of drug and sex addiction, homelessness, depression, a $200K debt and very low credit. He is now an entrepreneur that has helped thousands of people transform their lives.

“I have spent the last 10 years of my life as a full time digital nomad. I struggled for 8 years to succeed. I started my business with only $1.71 in my pocket, and in two years I made over a million dollars.” Stephen states.

Stephen runs Heal Worldwide, a unique hands-on digital transformational company that helps people become the best version of themselves, by surrounding clients with phenomenal content,  a digital nomad’s dream commerce engine and an amazing community, materialized in a Facebook group.

What motivated Stephen to get started with his business was his desire to travel and have a business that was real, reliable and remote; his desire to help people overcome physical, spiritual, emotional and financial battles; his wish to transform the digital marketing niche and make money online; and his belief that this was his life purpose. 

“I have now traveled to over 50 countries, helping digital nomads from all over the world and from all ages (12 to 82) set up their own remote business.” Stephen says.

Stephen says that the biggest challenges when starting a business are being able to have clarity, consistency and be capital focused. Since everyone wants to do things perfectly, they tend to not be clear on their outcome.

“Mindset and emotional mastery are beyond critical when starting your own business. Doubt and insecurities are the common factor that derail people from their vision.” Stephen advises. “I would also say my advice is: do not build what people need, build what people want.”

In addition, Stephen believes that spending too much time trying to make a product perfect can be a waste of time. He recommends testing it first and then start to tweak it day by day. Another crucial factor for success is understanding that you do not have to be alone.

“Too many digital nomads and start up entrepreneurs try to do it alone. It is better to get immersed into a community, culture or movement.” Stephen shares.

Furthermore, Stephen adds that your personal brand is your number one asset, which is why it is important to leverage your story. Success to Stephen is making progress on his life’s purpose while staying connected to his calling and continuing to build his own personal brand. 

Stephen’s next projects include publishing his book called “It’s Worth it” in 2020, raising a new generation of youth by building Heal Schools and providing digital nomads the education they need to achieve their purpose, and working towards helping a thousand families earn an additional $100,000 a year. He will do this by understanding that he is his only real competition.

“As long as I do not stop myself with doubts, fears or limiting beliefs, I am always able to learn from others and keep growing. I am my only real competition. The number one thing we have that is hard to compare is our community. Our community is our number one competitive advantage alongside with our life story.” Stephen concludes.

Now Stephen has achieved financial freedom, which for him connects to the quote by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, “He looks at the whole world in the face for he owes not any man.” He has gone from being broke for over a decade to now having the resources to build and create, earning income 365 days a year. To follow his journey, go here.

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