Meet Amy Torres: The Founder of Vibe Events Miami & The Organizer of Events for Brands, Bloggers, Artists and Creatives

Amy Torres is the founder of Vibe Events Miami, an events organizer company with the goal of bringing together brands, bloggers, artists, musicians and dancers, and any other creative force in Miami.

“Because of my social work background the event brand will continuously find a way to give back. Our upcoming event, Winter Vibes, is an example of this, as we will not be selling tickets. Instead, we will be collecting unwrapped toys from each individual attending,” Amy says.

Vibe Events Miami seeks to organize events that benefit creatives and NGOs. For it’s next event, unwrapped toys will be collected at the entrance. It is very powerful what platforms like Facebook and Instagram can do, by providing a space where anyone can create content, build an audience, and show their talents. Through these platforms, Vibe Events Miami promotes it’s events.

“Vibe Events Miami was inspired by every single one of you. There are so many creatives in Miami. Each of you are full of not only dreams and aspirations, but also amazing talent. Vibe Events wants to create a way for brands to be able to have additional exposure and personal contact with it’s audience and the public,” Amy claims.

The biggest challenge Amy faced when starting this events-organizing business was finding her mission. She believes that building something is like a rollercoaster full of small and big challenges, but one of the biggest, is finding what your mission is. Once that is found, you have come a long way. 

“What inspired me to get into this industry was my mom’s creativity. She can create a whole lot out of nothing. Her and all the creatives that have taken the challenge of entrepreneurship have been my inspiration,” Amy shares.

Miami is a very diverse city, both in origins and talent. There is a lot that can be showcased through events such as those organized by Vibe Events Miami, but it is hard to be successful in such a competitive and packed market.

Mindset is so important when starting your own business, Amy says.” Your mindset will keep you focused and will push you to remain true to yourself. It will also keep you competing against yourself and not others.”

Amy truly believes that mindset is the determining factor on the not so good days. If you have a good mindset, it can lead you to push forward and keep going, even in such a complex and diverse market such as Miami.

After being a part of this industry, Amy’s advice for those trying to start their own business is simple to go ahead and do it. She thinks that the hardest part is actually getting started. 

“Many times we prolong it, until it does not happen. Make sure you are committing to something you enjoy doing. Having a genuine interest and passion for your craft enables you to not only use your creativity, but also allows you to inspire others along the way,” Amy advises.

In addition, Amy believes that people should find their dream team.

“No one can do this alone and we all need a support system. Once you have a team, invest in them as much as possible.” she shares.

To follow Amy’s work, go here and check out Vibe Events Miami. To be part of their next event click here.

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