When It Comes To Improving Your Credit, Jovon Sims is the Trainer You Need

Most Americans either do not know about the importance of credit and have a bad credit score without even knowing, or do know about the importance of credit and are struggling to achieve a good score. This is why credit literacy is crucial.

Jovon Sims was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois. He grew up poor with his mom and three sisters, while the stepdad was the sole provider of his household. Jovon found a way to get out of Chicago when he got a music scholarship to attend Texas Southern University. After that, he became a flight attendant and eventually joined the United States Army.

“I then moved to Los Angeles because I wanted to be an entrepreneur and I knew this was the best place for me to serve on my platform. Since then, I have started my journey of entrepreneurship, and have been helping many people get their credit and finances together.” Jovon shares.

Jovon runs a financial literacy business called Jovon Sims’s Credit Repair: The Credit Trainer, where he serves as a consultant, advising them on how to improve debt management and how to have financial balance. Jovon’s business also specializes in credit restoration.

“I got into this business because I was tired of being micromanaged. I was tired of waking up to an alarm or having someone tell me what days I can have off or what time I had to each lunch.” Jovon says. “I also was motivated because I have a daughter, and I know I cannot pass down a job, but I can pass down a business. I wanted to create a legacy and leave something for my family to continue building.”

Jovon argues that the biggest challenge when starting a business is having a solid business plan. Business owners have to do their research to know what they want to do. Jovon was inspired to start his business and overcome this challenge by his love for helping people.

“My mentor once told me, ‘Service to many leads to greatness.’ And I’ve always wanted to be great.” Jovon adds.

When starting a business, mindset is everything. Jovon believes that whatever you think you can or cannot do, you are exactly right. “You have to have an extreme amount of faith in yourself and capabilities, and just having a positive outlook on things to see them through. Your vision has to be laser focused,” Jovon shares.

Jovon’s advice to those starting their own business is to have a solid business plan, and make sure that their product is something that people want, need and can afford. He also advises against caring too much about what others think, which for him is what fear means–having a lack of confidence and a lack of faith.

After achieving success, Jovon understands that success means overcoming obstacles. “It means being recognized for your personal goals.” He also knows how to differentiate himself from his competition.

“I differentiate myself from my competition by providing more value and more speed than my competition, as well as pricing fairly. I don’t undercharge someone just to get business. Instead, I provide much more value for nearly the same price my competition is charging,” he shares.

In addition, he shares much about his own life and story through his YouTube channel.

Jovon’s next projects include helping a thousand families to get their credit restored, and helping 500 people start their own home-based business by June 2020. While he does this, he will continue to pursue financial freedom, which means “finally getting the chains off” and being his own boss. To know more about Jovon, go here.

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