Digital Nomad Riley Bennett Can Teach You How To Work and Travel

Digital nomads are people who telework all the time, that is–they work from wherever, their home, a coffee shop, a foreign country, anywhere. Digital nomads tend to work on telecommunications technologies and make a living teleworking. This type of job is becoming a trend as the world becomes more digital, but not all digital nomads are successful.

Riley Bennett is a digital nomad who has been a full-time e-commerce entrepreneur since 2015. As a digital nomad, he lives most of the year abroad, only visiting his home in Seattle, Washington, in the summer.

Riley runs an e-commerce business, an Amazon Marketing Agency called AmzElevate that helps brands launch products and optimize sales on Amazon, and a YouTube channel that he started in 2016 to document his life as a digital nomad.

Through AmzElevate, Riley and his partner Parker Morris are able to help people grow their Amazon store. With personal experience selling on Amazon, AmzElevate can guarantee successful sales, having helped launch more than 156 products, 23 of which became best sellers. One of the most successful products is the StickyWallet, which is a wallet that attaches to the back of your phone with the capacity to hold five cards, and with a ring that makes it easier to hold the phone.

“I also teach courses because my subscribers on YouTube often ask me to make video courses on topics such as how to sell on Amazon. For that one I created an advanced course called The Amazon Method.” Riley points out.

To address subscribers who asked about how to be a digital nomad, Riley also recently launched a “Digital Nomad Beginners Course”, where he shares everything that he has learned over the years. Including why he started his businesses and became a digital nomad.

“It started off with having a deep desire to travel after college. After a short trip to Thailand with friends in 2013 the travel bug hit me. From there, I got on YouTube and figured out how to make long-term possible. The top two Youtubers that inspired me then were Jubril of PassportHeavy and Johnny FD of Travel Like a Boss Podcast.” Riley shares.

Now that he has his own 50K+ subscribers on his YouTube channel, Riley can sit back and reflect on his journey. For example, he has reflected on the importance of mindset when starting a business. 

“Mindset is very important. You have to believe that you can do it before you do it. In addition to this, I have a list of five life hacks that helped me become successful as an e-commerce entrepreneur and digital nomad: have a team, watch YouTube instead of TV, find someone to help you who has already done what you are trying to do and living the life you want to live, and lastly, you have to want it really bad.” Riley advises.

Riley’s next projects include continuing to make fun and educational content on his YouTube channel Livin That Life, uploading vlogs while he travels the world with a traveling camera crew, and creating more educational courses on whatever his audience asks for.

As Riley achieves success and financial freedom, he has multiple options to do what he wants in life. He has multiple sources of passive income and is able to work on whatever project he wants. To learn more about his life, go here.

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