Meet The Youngest Certified Hockey Agent Behind The Industry’s Fastest Growing Hockey Agency

Cody Dray is the twenty-four year old founder of Import Sports Management and currently the youngest certified hockey agent in North America. Import Sports Management ( is a Full-service hockey agency and also one of the industry’s fastest growing hockey agencies. Cody is certified by the Professional Hockey Players’ Association and the Finnish Elite League, the top professional ice hockey league.

Born in Ottawa, Ontario Canada, hockey has always been his passion.

“I always knew I would make a career out of it some way,” he shares.

Cody was motivated by the lack of quality services agents in the sports industry were supplying their clients. Him and his VP, Adrian Soun, have been dedicated to providing the best services and growing Import Sports Management. With their focus on the digital aspects of things, they have been able to quickly grow the company and their reach.

“We’re motivated on the fact we can help change our clients’ lives,” he says. 

The goal at Import Sports Management is to provide their clients with all of the services they need to ensure they can reach their goals and play at their best. They work with clients at the junior, college, and professional levels, as well as clients from all over the world. 

The biggest challenge he faced when he started his business was the self doubt. The “how am I going to make this happen” thought.

“You learn to forget about the negative and only focus on the positives. With my team and I being 30-40 years younger than everyone we compete with, we’ve had to work a lot harder than the rest to build up our credibility and prove we can be the best,” Cody shares.

This is why mindset is so important in the business world.

“Usually the only difference between who you are and who you want to be lies in your own mindset. Fear is something that you need to learn to live with, it will always be their no matter who you are. Some live with it, some get consumed by it,” says Cody.

He advises anyone trying to start their own business to pick a passion.

“I feel like this business is more of just a lifestyle for me. I have never seen it as a job or work, I think that is the only way to be successful in an industry like this,” he emphasizes.

What’s next for Cody Dray and Import Sports Management is the “The Highlight Company” which will be a video and analytics company that will help him to continue to help him and his team to leverage and sell their clients. Cody is also looking to get into the National Hockey League market in the coming year. 

Cody Dray and his team at Import Sports Management have seen a great deal of success and rapid growth from the start. Through their dedication and by providing the very best service, they have been able to transform the lives of their clients and impact them in ways that no other agency has been able to do. From their partnerships, to their finance services, they have truly provided their clients with everything they need to reach their goals and succeed.

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