The Credit Restoration Expert and How He is Educating an Entire Community on The Importance of Credit Repair

Carlos Smith has made it his mission to help as many people as possible achieve their financial goals. At Smith Financials LLC, their credit program and coaching services helps clients achieve financial freedom. 

Raised in Memphis, TN, Carlos Smith had his options laid out before he even stepped outside his door. “Get jumped into a gang, sell drugs on the block, or play ball to survive. My family, friends and acquaintances all had to choose the harder way. I am a prodigy of them all. Many loved ones died in and around my neighborhood,” he shares.

Smith grew up in a three bedroom house with seventeen family members. “They shooting get down” was a common term used in my home. Image all 17 people were yelling get to the ground,” he recalls. 

Growing up in one of the poorest and 2nd highest major crime cities in America

provided Smith with structure in his life. Life lessons were engraved by preparing for his daily survival. All these lessons provided him with resilience and drive. 

Smith decided to use his poor financial situation as a means to escape the life he was living. He began focusing on how to be wealthy, spending hours researching and sharing his knowledge with anyone who called. He was motivated by the frustration of being thirty years old, working a dead end job, having never owned a house or a car. “I was always under the pressure of giving my last dollar to a bill. I started doing taxes long before I started my tax company. I wanted to have more. I was never satisfied with what was presented to me,” he says.

Since 2008, Smith began investing in his community with the knowledge of how to do things and run his own businesses. He now runs a six-figure business with a team of people who are dedicated to helping others achieve their financial goals.

At Smith Financials LLC, Smith and his team mentor their clients to help them meet their Goals. They educate them, and show them how powerful credit can be if used correctly. Most importantly, they help restore individuals credit. “Financial literacy impacts everyone. We strive to educate in our community, by generating wealth and spreading the word through our many success stories,” says Smith.

Through the years, Smith has learned that he is not in competition with other credit repair companies, but instead has created his own lane with his credit coaching services. “I provide three products in one, mentorship, education, and credit restoration,” he states.

For Smith, the biggest challenges when starting his business were getting capital and building the five major departments in a business. According to Smith, the major departments are the sales team, marketing, finance & operations, human Resources, and the IT department. When they run smoothly, so does the business.

His advice to future business owners is to just do it. “Fail as often as you can, but remember to get back up and never do anything for the money, do it to help people reach their goals,” he shares.

Smith and his team have helped thousands of people achieve their financial freedom and are looking to increase their numbers. His next project is his online course which will take clients step by step through how to repair their credit on their own, and how to run their own credit coaching business. Through their personalized approach, Smith and Smith Financials LLC is giving their clients the ability to transform their lives and future through mentoring, education and credit restoration.

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